Messiah in the Old Testament


I know that the title Messiah is used for Saul, for David and then later for Cyrus and obviously Christ - is there anyone else that it is used for? I had thought that there were 5 “messiahs”


As far as I know, there I only one messiah - Jesus Christ.


Messiah is Hebrew from מָשַׁח mashach(maw-shakh’): to smear, anoint.

So in the bible 1Kings 1:39 Solomon was anointed, Isa. 45:1 Cyrus is called anointed, Lev. 4:3 seems to say that all Jewish priests are anointed, 1 Kings 19:16 Jehu son of Nimshi is anointed king and Elisha is anointed prophet, so we can probably say that all Kings of Israel were anointed and all Prophets were anointed.

Also Exodus 40:9-11 Moses is commanded to anoint the Tabernacle tent and everything inside of it.

Numbers 6:15 says “and unleavened wafers smeared with oil”, so the wafers were technically anointed…


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