Messiah mystery follows death of mystical Rabbi


A friend emailed me this link. Check this out! Feedback?


Interesting but his son denies that the note was written by his father.

For anyone who doesn’t want to read the article, the deceased Rabbi wrote that the Messiah’s name was the Jewish form of Jesus(which is also the Jewish form of Joshua)


Whether it changes one Jewish soul or thousands may be determined by history…but if changed the rabbi’s own soul before he died, praise God!


The only place I can find mention of this note is in the worldnetdaily or websites that quote the worldnetdaily. The Worldnetdaily is not what I would call the pinnacle of ethical journalism. I can find no “raging debate” going on anywhere else on the net. I also note that the article itself does not name the author of the article.

Does anyone have any other sources that say the Rabbi wrote this note?

If you believe the note then I assume you also believe that the Messiah is has been on this earth for at least 2 years now.


I have the pleasure of knowing a 90 + jewish highly educated gentleman. One of his greatest questions about his life is why his very fervid orthodox Jewish parents had him go to a reformist school. He can only guess why, and will never really know probably in this life. Same thing applies with this story of the Rabbi. Why did he keep it so mystical? :confused:


LOL. That really trips up some Protestants but its not a problem for Catholics because we are not bible literalists. The bible could say all sorts of stuff that does not always make sense (and does many times) and it really does not effect a thing. Another reason I love being Catholic.

But, your point about the website is a good one. Accurate citations and accurate sources always help when making any type of point, if there really is one and not just speculation and rumor.


I only meant that the Rabbi who wrote the note (allegedly) had also stated that he met the Messiah in 2003.


Was he under medication at the time?:confused:

Or did he mean a “vision” not literal meeting?

BTW I have a Hewbrew bible question if you have time to PM me.


The rabbi’s son disputed the handwriting on the note.

Also, this Messiah could simply be someone with the, currently popular, name Joshua who is alive and well in Israel. It might not even be the Christian, Jesus Christ.

If the Rabbi believed in Jesus, why wouln’t he come out and inform his followers.


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