Messianic Jews

Anyone know anything about this denomination?

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Rather than being a cohesive, organized denomination, these are often groups that are looking for the original Christianity (!!!) of the New Testament, which was obviously a body that was very Jewish. They often eschew traditional Christian celebrations (Christmas, Easter, Saint’s days) and celebrate instead Jewish Shabbat (Sabbath) and the feasts found in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Very Sola Scriptura, every man for himself, this lot, but also a tremendous yearning for a unity in the body of Christ. It’s kind of a dichotomy. If they could ever get the blinders off about the truth of the Church, it would be a miraclulous (truly) blessing to them, as the Church is the fulfillment of what they are trying to recreate.

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I have found that most messianic Jews are simply Baptists who like to wear yarmulkes and use Hebrew lingo.

Or, just a couple of days ago…

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