Messianic Judaism


I was wondering if anyone knows anything about messianic judaism. Particularly how it relates to catholicism.
Do they contradict? Can one be a catholic messianic jew?
Does the movement itself contradict catholic teaching?


Last I checked, they are not Trinitarian, but I could be wrong.


They are typically and in many ways tied to more conservative evangelical movements. While they have their own governing body many congregations operate autonomously. In essence they are a cross between judaism and protestant christianity. They do baptize in the trinitarian format.


I believe, yes, that the fundamentals of Messianic faith contradict Catholicism. Check out what my congregation’s view of Messianic faith and practice (in short) is at:


My understanding, from contact with them on the streets here in Sydney, is that they are simply another Protestant group insofar as they are a bible-only group (sola scriptura) plus a doctrine of faith alone (sola fide) permeates their beliefs.

One of the biggest groups, and the one I keep running into are the Jews for Jesus
"We believe that Jesus the Messiah died for our sins, according to the Scriptures, as a representative and substitutionary sacrifice; that all who believe in Him are justified, not by any works of righteousness they have done, but by His perfect righteousness and atoning blood and that there is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved."

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