I am fully catholic, and I was just wondering if anyone has heard of this…
My neighbor says they are Messianic:confused: ? I know she is searching herself, and has seemed to land there. We are having them over tonight and I told her that we consider ourselves fulfilled Jews and I explained some of the similarites. I loaned her Hail Holy Queen and God Have Mercy…Scott Hahn. I also loaned her a little book called The Rosary…Rich in Jewish Tradition. Any other resources or info you can share. She says they are christian and it is not Jews for Jesus?? They are nice and I want to do my part in sharing the faith in a way that speaks to them…thanks so much!!



“Messianic” means “looking forward to an anointed one or savior.” Judaism is messianic. The Messia was of course, Jesus. So Catholicism is somewhat different from traditional messianic religions – we know the messia has already come.


Is this what she is involved in, perhaps?


Monica, I believe there are a few different varieties of “non-denominational” Protestants who now call themselves “Messianic Jews”, adopting certain Jewish practices while holding to a belief in Christ and anticipating His return. I’ve found the few such believers I’ve encountered on-line to be very anti-Catholic, but, thankfully, it seems this hasn’t been your experience with your friend. Since she is willing to accept books from you, articles about the Catholic Church and its Jewish heritage at this website may be of interest to her:


My former protestant parish used to have a group of “Messianic Jews” who used our building for services on saturdays. Perhaps that’s what she means? I believe they were Jewish in that they upheld all of the Jewish traditions and practices, but also believed in Christ.

I would recommend having them read the writings of the Church Fathers. :slight_smile:


I have found that the “Messianic Jews” I have encountered believe the Church Fathers were anti-Semitic.


I think she herself is new to this group. She is searching. I just hope I didn’t overwhelm her with the books that I gave her. I know that she call the leader or whatever of their church, Rabbi.

Thanks so much for the replies, I’ll still check back…

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