Messy brown rice!


Ok, I’ve decided to switch to brown rice ds loves it and I thought it was pretty good too. Anyway, I cook all my rice in a rice cooker it’s absolutely fantastic and the rice is always perfect:thumbsup:.

Unfortunately, cooking the brown rice in there hasn’t been as much fun:mad:. The two times I’ve used the brown rice it has been a mess:eek: and I’m not sure why. The usage directions for the rice cooker says to use more water when using brown rice and that’s what I’ve done. Well while it’s cooking a bunch of liquid comes up and out of the little whole where the steam is supposed to come out of. Then when I open the rice cooker it looks like a bomb went off in there:eek:, rice all over the place.

Is there an easier and cleaner way to make brown rice? Or am I doing something wrong when using the rice cooker?


Hi Lexee,
I use brown rice exclusively. However, I don’t use a rice cooker…just an ordinary pot with a tight lid.
It’s a bit more expensive, but have you ever seen Success rice boil in bags?? They have those in brown rice and they are a piece of cake to make.



I’d like to hear advice on this too! I made my brown rice once or twice in the rice cooker and it was a disaster…
Just today I was thinking that I want to learn to make it in the rice cooker. I am using instant brown rice (I use Great Value brand right now), and it works out great, but I go thru a box so fast that I would rather buy big bags of brown rice and make them in the cooker.


I don’t make brown rice often, but try jasmine or basmati rice…yum. I think if your son likes brown, he will like jasmine for sure–my kids ask for it, now, it’s that good. :slight_smile:


I don’t use a rice cooker, I also just use a pot with good snug lid. I’ve had my share of rice messes though, and occasionally they still happen. Keep the heat low, and you should avoid the mess. I only really make a mess with it if I’ve not turned the heat down low enough. Brown rice needs to cook ~ 45 minutes (I cook it for 40 minutes and then let it steam for another 10). I can’t give you any advice on the rice cooker. I’m so old fashioned, I don’t even use microwave popcorn, that gets cooked in the same pot I cook my rice!!:eek:

Also, I heard Martha Stewart advice to use a little less than twice the amount of water to rice. That tip helped me a bit too.


For rice, I always rinse the rice and soak it for a bit before cooking.

This link has the Cooks Illustrated way to bake brown rice

This guy has good instructions.


I will second trying brown jasmine rice. I buy mine from Trader Joe’s and cook it in my rice steamer. It always turns out great!!


What kind of rice cooker do you have? And what kind of brown rice are you using (long grain, short grain, etc.)?


Hi dulcissima, I do have the jasmine brown rice, that’s what I’ve been using. So I must be doing something wrong when I’m cooking it.

What exactly do you do to get it perfect and not explode in the rice cooker?


I have a Zojirushi rice cooker. I put in 1 1/2 cups of brown jasmine rice (I don’t rinse it) and I put in water right between line 3 & 4 on the rice cooker.

I lost the cup to measure the rice which came with my rice cooker, but had guesstimated it was about 1/2 cup. Usually you match the number of these cups with the number on the side of the rice cooker. I use just a tiny bit more water with the brown rice than white. I don’t like mushy rice.


I’m so old fashioned, I don’t even use microwave popcorn, that gets cooked in the same pot I cook my rice!!

me too. In a big heavy pot, I cook brown rice about three times a month and store it for dinners.
the long grain is good for dinners, it stays fluffed. the short grain I only use for rice pudding (I make about once monthly.) because tha’t cooked with milk, it goes extra slow, but it’s delicious.


Maybe I’m using too much water:hmmm:, next time I make some I’m going to add just a tiny bit more water. We’ll see if this works better, I was following the directions on the cooker, but maybe I need to adjust it some.


I make brown rice and use a slow cooker, but have never had this problem. Are you filling up the rice cooker close to where the “fill line” level is? I’ve noticed when I use pots with a tight lid that if I fill it up too high I’ve had issues with a mess.

On this website: it says that sometimes you have to not add all the water at once. :shrug: I dunno, worth a shot.


Try the microwave directions on the box. We cook rice this way, and it turns out good.


the cup for our rice cooker is closer to 3/4 of a cup maybe a bit more–so either less water or more rice :slight_smile:

Hopefully you’ve found the right ratio already–don’t forget to right it down or you’ll forget (or at least I would, lol)


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