Messy Vestments?


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So I just finished reading the last part of Exodus and the first few chapters of Leviticus (I know I’m becoming super-religious because I was actually looking forward to reading Leviticus [which previously I found to be very boring]).

Here’s my question: how in the world did the priests keep their robes clean while slaughtering all those animals? If I recall correctly the section specifying the robe of the high priest is very close to the section about how to sacrifice animals (i.e. spill the blood of goat, burn its fat, dispose of the ashes in this way).

While I was reading I wondered whether the message of the passage wasn’t “you can’t do this on your own – it will take a miracle to make a sacrifice acceptable to the Lord” kind of thing – foreshadowing Jesus’ sacrifice. I mean I think it’s fair to say that it would be truly miraculous if the robes kept clean throughout all of the sacrifices.

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Hello, interesting question! I’m in a Scriputure Class, and the priest who teaches it was once talking about that. He seemed to think that the priests would just have bloody robes the whole time.


Greetings all,

It would seem to me after you have bled an animal a few times you know where to stand so that you don’t get spattered. :wink:

Of course this is purely humorous conjecture on my part.



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