Met someone in bible study


Well I ran into someone in bible study who I would like to be friends with. Do you think I should call her? What do u think?


Hi bones, You just met someone today and you want to call them? How do you already have their phone number? :slight_smile: I don’t see anything wrong with calling her but maybe you should ask for permission first?


Well, you received her phone number I presume? You don’t get someone’s number and then NOT call them! Gosh.

It has to happen some time. Go for it. :slight_smile:


Why wouldn’t you call? Are you married? Is she married?


If you don’t call you’ll always wonder…


After bible study, ask her if she wants to continue the study for a while, over a cup of coffee, or a dessert at a nearby restaurant.

[1] you get to spend some time “alone” to see if the interest is for real
[2] you get in some more bible study (maybe)
[3] dessert is cheaper than dinner
[4] you get to witness to the waitress if your bible etc is on the table
[5] you get to report back here… inquiring minds want to know



She plans on attending next week, so I’ll ask if I can call her then.


God willing… next week might be your genesis… and not your apocalylpse:D


I just want to be friends with here. Not date her.


Make this clear to her from the beginning. Then you might want to call her to include her in gatherings of your friends, so that it’s clearly not a date. If she has any interest in dating you, you will have to be extremely clear about your intentions.


Gert (not my real name, but I like it)


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