Met with Priest today


We filled out the forms to begin the anulment process. Father eyed my narrative and asked, “How many pages is that?” I responded, “Ummm 36.” :o He laughed and said that he wished everyone was as complete in their application as I was. I asked him how long most people’s narrative’s are. He said 2-3 pages :eek: :blush:

Before anyone asks, I am not Catholic but my priest is preparing an RCIA class.

He said the process could take 9 months, but of course that’s an estimate. I know it could take much longer.

Writing that narrative was not pleasant. There was a lot in there that I had hoped to never remember. It took me two months to write it. Emotionally it was challenging. Thank God for good friends and people who pray.

Soli Deo Gloria


Yep. Mine got sent back to me the first time because I was a little short in some paragraphs. I put the whole thing into a word processing program on my ancient Mac II, so I had I could just go back and rephrase and edit. I couldn’t begin to imagine all those people who had to do their narratives by hand!


Wow! 36 pages! Good for you. I plan to start my annullment investigation process this year hopefully, or maybe next. Mine could easily be that long after 17 years of marraige (its been 3 years since we divorced and I am still not feeling ready for the overwhelming look-back, as the look-forward has be overwhelming, too, in a different way.)


Congratulations. May the healing begin.


Thank you, to all. I hope it didn’t sound like I was belittling anyone who wrote less- my reaction was to be embarassed that I’d written so MUCH!
The priest was so kind…


Better too much than not enough!


Oh, you’re a piker. I inflicted 123 pages of typewritten background and documentation to my poor advocate.

That compensated for the fact that my xh didn’t cooperate at all.


LOL well THAT makes me feel better!:stuck_out_tongue: 123 pages! Well, I could’ve, I think, and every day since then another thing has come to mind, but I pray that my narrative was cohesive, illustrative, and answers any questions the Tribunal may have. I was married 5 years, one of those the mandatory year long separation demanded by South Carolina.

I was told that the Orlando Diocese is averaging 9-12 months for their caseload. I don’t know if my ex will respond,. We’ll see.

Soli Deo Gloria:harp:


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