Metal band with questionable lyrics

I been listening to a metal band known as Nightwish.

Of course some of the songs seem quesitonable,like one titled i wish i had a angel and the lyrics and some other songs that seem really dark.

So stop listening. :shrug:

I’ve got a large and eclectic record collection, and many of the albums have questionable lyrics…I do find that listening to songs that have negative ideological elements can result in negative impact upon your own ideology…

At one point, getting into the darker end of late 60s/early 70s rock, I ended up throwing out numerous CDs. And started cutting the secular rock n roll with Jesus music from the same era, and polyphonic choral music. I’m glad I did both!

But I find it difficult to give up every music except that with positive and holy messages. The only songs I really feel the need to not listen to are those with directly anti-deistic/theistic messages… I find there’s more than enough anti-religiosity chucked down your throat just watching telly or listening to the radio to want to actually put on my own preaching the same.

In the end, I resent exactly how much popular music casually chucks in anti-religious messages. It sometimes puts me off bands, or getting into them. And so it should!

So, I’d look at the broad picture of your record collection, and if you like Nightwish and another 20 bands with questionable ideological tendancies too much to chuck them in the bin , I’d suggest at least trying out the same genre by blatantly religious / quietly religious bands as an antidote.

Looking casually at the lyrics - well, probably antireligious :knight2:, although for all I know the actual performance might change the meaning to being self-critical, I suppose, or it might even be just using religious imagery to emphasize the desire for desecration of an individuals sanctity. I guess if the performance *celebrates * that, then it’s morally corrupt anyway, I suppose :knight2:

My thought precisely.

I would have thought there was a strong Christian element, shown in “Dark Passion Play”, for example.

You can’t make too much of individual lines in an artists work- without looking at the overall ‘message’, which includes the music, the imagery, etc. A little ‘darkness’ in art does not necessarily mean its ‘anti-Christian’- look at Johnny Cash’s late work, for example. Christians (like everyone) also experience darkness; and using lyrical or poetic images of angels, Heaven, Hell, or whatever, in an artistic, non-dogmatic way, is quite harmless, IMO.

The only metal bands I wouldn’t listen to are ones that are actually Satanic (which is actually a very small minority). But I wouldn’t listen to others, that are more subtly Satanic (i.e. the support ‘social liberalism’). Most metal bands are as far from ‘social liberalism’ as could be imagined.

Well this is the last place I thought I’d see a fellow Nightwish fan. Actually “Elan” is my favorite!! I listen to all kinds of rock/metal, I am 47 year old mother of 5 and I am a very strong Catholic. My 20 y/o son actually got me interested in many bands.I will listen to rock/ metal over “rap”, I know it is said to listen to music that brings you closer to Christ, when I am at mass I love the hymns, however I can’t put my head around Christian rock, when I hear loud music and lyrics about Jesus,they just don’t go in my head.
I participate in mass, pray everyday, attend Catholic bible study and read /watch Catholic materials. When it comes to music though, I do like rock/metal. I dont let the lyrics sway me from Jesus.
I guess thats what I’m trying to get across, if you can listen to good music and stay close to Jesus fully knowing the music is just entertainment well, you know your heart!

Yeah. I like metal/rock as well. I dislike rap. is it me or does it seem that much rap music seem intrusive? Cause seems you hear rap mostly from cars with the bass so up it rattles the windows and not to mention what it is probably doing to their ears. And seems much rap music i hear from cars seem to use slurs and such.

People should use headphones more often

Love the band. Enjoy the music as they are great! :thumbsup:

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