Metal cross on my rosary broke what does this mean?

Good morning all,

I recently noticed that the metal cross on my bracelet rosary broke. I bought my rosary from the Catholic Company website. This website has quality products and the metal cross does not look like it can be easily broken. I’m here today to try and find out what is the significance of a broken metal cross? I got a bad vibe (goosebumps) from the bracelet (rosary) when I took it off after noticing that the cross was broken. I felt the negativity and dark energy, so I placed it on top of the side table in my room. I went to touch a couple of days later, and as I approached to touch it the negative energy was still there.

Thank you for your help!


It means it broke, and you should get a new one.

Don’t look for omens, they are bad news.


Yeah, sometimes things break. It doesn’t “mean” anything. Don’t get superstitious.


The significance is that something happened to make it break. Perhaps the quality wasn’t up to standard. Perhaps you caught it in something without realizing it.


Whatever that was, it didn’t come from the broken cross but more likely from your fear and imagination.

I would not attach any spiritual significance to the breaking of the cross. Rather, I would guess it was poor-quality manufacturing. You can safely throw the bracelet/rosary away.


Unless it was blessed. Then it should be buried.

But you could just buy a new cross and attach it, no big deal.


It means it’s time to buy a new replacement rosary cross and fix your rosary, or buy a new rosary. It also means you may need a sturdier cross on your rosary.

That’s all it means. Don’t be superstitious.


It simply means you have worn out a Rosary praying, or the metal bent and fractured. I have broken car keys in half when I used to keep them in my pocket. This is a habit I stopped one cold winter day, when after Mass, inserting a car key in the lock to unlock the car, the key broke off in the lock. This was in the days of cars before modern unlocking devices. Breaking metal is very easily done. Gold, a very valuable metal, is very soft.
There is nothing insidious or dark or negative about your cross breaking. As Jesus said ‘be at peace’. Get another and keep praying as you have.


There is no dark energy.

Metal bits and pieces on rosaries get broken. It’s the law of entropy. Full stop.

Replace the cross, or the whole thing, as you see fit, and don’t worry about it.


It means you need a new rosary

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