Metal, Whats Your View

Well, I am a Cathloic but i wouldnt say I go to church every sunday and what not, i belive what I belive in etc etc but I came on here to get your views on Metal music

(To name a few in my iPod: All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, Caliban, DevilDriver, Disturbed, Dream Theater, Five Finger Death Punch, Hatebreed, In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Linkin Park, Machine Head, Metallica, Moonspell, Saint Deamon, Slayer, Slipknot and Thousand Foot Krutch")

Do people in the cathloic communty look down on people who listen to this, whats your general views and does anyone else here listen to Heavy/Nu/Death/Metal?

I dont think my parents like me listening to it but theyve never said anything. My mum isnt religious but i’d say my Dad is (Cathloic).


Metal!!! I’d recommend King Diamond and Mercyful fate, some of the best metal you’ll ever hear.

I wouldn’t look down on you for doing so, unless of course you are shorter than me.:smiley:

I dont think my parents like me listening to it but theyve never said anything. My mum isnt religious but i’d say my Dad is (Cathloic).

Do you understand why they wouldn’t like it? Are these legimate reasons? Does listening to it bring you closer to God? If not, shouldn’t you reconsider?


I certainly hope not. Metallica is one of my favorite bands!

There are a few bands to be worried about, but Metalica isn’t one of them. Slipnot would be kinda questionable. Does any of your bands that you like promote satanism and such?? When I had my conversion. That is when I decided to give my life fully to Christ, I gave up some of my music because of its content, such as Godsmack. I have always been a part of the Catholic Church but never realized that some of my stuff I was doing wasn’t so pleasing to God.

What’s the content of Godsmack?

Not into Metal, but I LOVE Metalica’s version of “Ecstasy of Gold” from the The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.:smiley:

They are Vulgar, which isn’t much a problem as witchcraft. Voodoo is about witchcraft. 2117 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church speaks out against sorcery

Dream Theater rulez!!! \m/ :wink:

Some people may look down on you for listening to metal, others won’t. Personally, I’m more concerned with the fact that you don’t go to Mass every Sunday. As Catholics, we are morally obligated to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation (Code of Canon Law, can. 1247). Not to do so is considered a grave sin (which could be mortal, if one has full knowledge and complete consent; cf. CCC 1857). My advice is go to Confession and get your butt to Mass every Sunday! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

Okay, back to the topic. :wink: I’m Catholic and I like metal (Is this AA? ;)). I do not like death metal and can’t stand nu metal. The only bands on your list that I have CDs by are Dream Theater and Moonspell. I much prefer the power/prog metal genres, particularly those that include many symphonic/orchestral elements (i.e. Ayreon, Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Kamelot, Nightwish, etc.).

I think that there’s something to be said for both sides of the debate. Music does influence us. I don’t enjoy listening to bands that openly mock my faith. I can take some honest criticism of my faith (I do enjoy Skyclad, a neo-pagan folk metal band that is highly critical of Christianity), but some of it is just too much. I guess, on the whole, I tend to like the “happy” metal more than the super dark stuff.

I think the most important question to ask yourself is how it affects you. Music can affect different people in different ways.

I know some people who, after their conversion, had to get rid of all their old music because of the way it affected them. Listening to it brought them back to those dark places in their life.

For me, I’ve been listening to hard rock / heavy metal since 2nd grade. I didn’t have any really dark times in my past for which such music has that association. It doesn’t have that effect on me. It more-or-less energizes me and I enjoy it.

Then there are people (like my wife) for whom the music does not hold those negative associations with past experience, but who nonetheless cannot bear to listen to it. My wife just feels agitated and on edge listening to such music.

I also highly recommend some good Christian metal bands. Theocracy, Divinefire, and Saviour Machine are my top faves. :thumbsup: I think it helps to at least bring some balance. :wink:

I would avoid Dream Theater for the reason that it risks falling into the near occasion of growing a mullet and playing air guitar while screeching at dog-whistle pitch.:bigyikes:

Not a “sin”, no, but… Seriously dude, “Dream Theater”? Replace that one with Mötörhead or Flotsam & Jetsam and you will be absolved:banghead:

I will ignore this post and pray for your conversion. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Father, forgive him, for he knows not what he speaks.”

:wink: :smiley:

I’ve wondered the same thing as the op!
I love metal music and all rock music in general, but listen to a band called lamb of god as well but dont know if listening to them is bad? In no way does any of the music i listen to pull me away from God at all so i should be fine right?

Ive also wondered if listening to led zeppelin was bad, especially stairway to heaven because it sounds like he makes references to the devil, and that whole thing with playing it backwards is scary!

I’m 20 yrs old but LOVE my 70s rock !! :smiley:

I love my 60s, 70s and 80s rock. I am 27 there is still a few things I have wondered about the music I listen to. I a big fan of Led Zeppelin. Back in the day I was a huge fan of early Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath

I’m not a Christian, so keep that in mind when you consider my answer.

I think the effect of this music on people is different depending on the person. A 14 year old, for example, may be negatively effected by it, for purely secular reasons. They may start to agree with lyrics because the song sounds cool, and said lyrics may be negative in terms of even secular humanist morality. Ex: Most people (Christians or not) believe that stealing is wrong. A 14 year old hearing a cool song about stealing my be led to steal.

I think it really depends on the ability to

  1. Separate fantasy from reality. Some bands say ‘mean’ things, but it’s meant as a stage act…the actual musicians don’t really support those mean things. And no, liking fantasy, like Lord of the Rings, doesn’t mean you can’t separate fantasy from reality. I just means you’re entertained by fantasy.
  2. Not being too impressionable.

I should also like to note (and I think this relates to number 1 a lot) that the singer for Slayer is known as a Catholic. How devout he is would be difficult to say (and it’s really in his brain anyways). But he is quoted as believing in an all-loving god.

So…how are you with respect to 1 and 2? If you are a non-impressionable realist, you’re probably ok.

With respect to the voodoo in the song…does it actually support/condone voodoo. Sometimes a song can be about something without taking a stance one way or another. Additionally the song can be interpreted differently…it could be about getting high and how that’s a bad thing. “Never did I wanna be here again…and I don’t remember why I came” I believe are the lyrics that would support this interpretation.

getting high is mortal sin as is drunkeness. If you listen to the song and then listen to cd extra that is at the end of the song there is witchcraft being done in the background

The song can be about getting high without supporting getting high. It can even portray it in a negative way. I already said that :shrug:

And that proves they support witchcraft how?
That’s like saying an actor who plays a witch in a movie must support witchcraft. Musicians can be entertainers who don’t support what their songs are about, and yet again, I feel inclined to mention that songs are opent to interpretation.
What if it’s making fun of it? What if it’s part of the analogy of getting high? What if they *do *support it, and you listen to the song and simply disagree with them?

I suppose you mean something more like violently staggering about in the gutter in a bleary haze, rather than deriving a comfortable warmth from a fine Polish potato vodka, no?

I mean, we’re not Baptists, people!

My view? Garbage! I’m sorry, but that’s how I feel about metal . . . for the most part.

With that said, I feel there are a few exceptions that stand out, such as Opeth, Dream Theater, Rhapsody, and even Nokturnal Mortum, although they are pretty anti-Christian. Probably the only band I’ll “blast” is Linkin Park although I usually “blast” classical and folk music.

Yikes. Nu Metal, much?

Some good stuff: Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Pantera, (Black) Sabbath, (Judas) Priest, (Iron) Maiden, Rainbow, Ronnie James Dio, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Iced Earth, Freedom Call, Manowar, Hammerfall, Edguy, Avantasia, Sonata Arctica, Firewind, Brainstorm, Kamelot, Dragonforce, Blind Guardian, Jag Panzer, Labyrinth, Queensryche, etc.

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