Meth pours into Central California as liquid



That is definitely not good. Hopefully the authorities can put a stop to the flow of this illegal drug into central California.

That said, in the part of the nation where I live, methamphetamine abuse is very common. I hate that it is so common around here but if one pays attention to the local news, it seems like a regular thing that another meth lab is being busted. :frowning:


While my views on drug use is quite liberal, one drug I do have a problem with is meth, this is one dangerous substance, MUCH more dangerous than Heroin, or painkillers, I mean, I know PLENTY of people that use Heroin on a daily basis, and continue to maintain their lives, function and do well at their jobs, kids lives, etc.mainly because they use it in moderation, but with meth, those addicts are completely out of control, they have no will to even use in moderation!!

Ive seen pictures of people in their 20s on meth for under a year and they literally look like they are in their 50s and sometimes 60s! I think a large part of the problem with meth is the people end up living with hardly any sleep at all, usually staying awake for 7-9 days at a time…this is nuts, I truly dont understand how our streets are not filled with dead bodies over meth use…even when I read the papers, I dont ever see any deaths from meth? Maybe the media is blacking this out though to focus on heroin instead.

Another thing I dont understand, while heroin, coke, etc have been around for decades, meth is fairly new, people can make it anywhere and even now, they dont have to make it in dangerous homemade labs anymore, so use will likely increase due to its production being so easy now, compared to when they used to have homemade labs in order to create it…those days are gone…Im assuming this is leading to the increase all over the country.


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