Methodists look to change church's LGBT policies


Isn’t there a big controversy over the wording and policies towards LGBT persons? What exactly is going on?


A forum based on a Methodist community could be more effective or looking at articles on the topic.


My mother was raised Methodist (converted to Catholicism after meeting my dad) and I have 2 uncles who still are.

Essentially, they’re likely gonna do what the Lutherans did and split into camps based upon their thoughts on homosexuality.



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Thanks for the reply.

Any idea on how even the split is? What exactly is being changed?


Not especially…

Just into pro-homosexual relations and anti-homosexual relations camps, I believe that’s the main issue…


It seems this is the current paragraph at stake:

“4) with one or more of the following offenses:(a)immorality
including but not limited to, not being celibate in singleness or not faithful in a heterosexual a
monogamous marriage; (b) practices declared byThe United Methodist Church to be
incompatible with Christian teachings,including but not limited to: being a self-avowed practicing
homosexual; or conducting ceremonies which celebrate homosexual unions;or performing same sex wedding ceremonies”

It comes from one of their key documents on discipline.

So the issue how to frame what is an offense in the church.


That seems to make sense based on what I’ve heard


It seems to be a very interesting dynamic for how this kind of thing plays out. In the Catholic Church, these kinds of tense issues pop up. But we do not think of it in exactly the same way, because schism is never really an option. You don’t have groups of churches that leave and set up a new Catholic communion, usually.

So I just wonder what it is like for a Methodist or any Protestant Christian who has to endure these kinds of things. Is it a nail-biting process? Etc.


Here is a quick summary I’ve found.

Basically, in a few weeks, Methodist leaders will vote on one of 3 plans. The first one maintains the traditional wording on homosexuality. The second plan “The One Church Plan” is a half-way point meant to keep church unity while allowing local discretion. The third plan would effectively create three denominations it seems: conservative, liberal, and centrist.


Devastating, including for the orthodox Anglicans.


Can you elaborate?

What is the relationship between Anglicans and Methodists?


Historically, they are sort of schismatic Anglicans.

Otherwise, no comment.


But aren’t Anglicans themselves divided on these kinds of issues?

In other words, wouldn’t both camps of Methodists find common ground with different Anglican groups?


My, yes. Indeed. Anglicans are all over the place. Motley be the breed.

I’m over there, for example.

Never seen a corporate fusion of Methodists and Anglicans, though.


OTOH, when Episcopalians run further off the rail my orthodox Anglican Continuum parish often picked some refugees. That;s slowed down over the past few years, as there are fewer orthodox Episcopalians left to be offended.

We did pick 4-5 Presbyterian families, recently


The United Methodist Church has their own version of canon law called the Book of Discipline. Currently, the Discipline upholds traditional Christian teaching on homosexuality and same-sex marriage and calls for the disciplining of clergymen and church members who break these rules.

The UMC is different from some of the other mainline churches in the US. Unlike the PCUSA, ELCA and Episcopal Church (with the exception of some small overseas dioceses), the UMC is a truly global church with large numbers of members outside the US. Many of these members are in places like Africa where Methodists tend to be conservative.

So, while the UMC’s administrative agencies tend to be dominated by theologically liberal bureaucrats, they are forced to contend with a global church that is much more conservative. That is where the 3 proposals come from.

The “One Church Plan” is being billed as a compromise, but it isn’t. It removes any church-wide standard on homosexuality and is essentially a victory for the liberals. The 3 conference plan is an attempt to avoid what has happened in the Episcopal Church where conservative dioceses left and both sides starting suing each other. It’s basically an admission that the church is already divided over irreconcilable differences and allows each side to part ways without legal battles over property.

A few years back, there was an attempt by American liberals to “segregate” the overseas conferences, so that the liberals could push through pro-homosexual policies in America.


Just to show how bad that was, I remember reading about a parish that left the ECUSA offering to buy the property after the ECUSA sued them. Then the ECUSA sold the property at around a third of the departing parish’s offer. That parish church had its Christian symbols removed and turned into a mosque.


I don’t much about the going-ons of the UMC, but this has been a very contentious issue from what I hear. Liberals in the church have been trying to change this policy for quite some time, but haven’t been quite successful. Additionally, the UMC is the only mainline Protestant denomination that I know of that still upholds rightly-ordered marriage. And, unlike other denominations, there’s still a strong conservative contingent trying to keep this from changing.


And other atrocities.


Whether one is Methodist, or some other denomination, the worst possible response (not you personally) would be detached curiosity, popping popcorn. The only right response for us is prayers for all concerned.

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