My girlfriend is a practicing Methodist, she usually attends mass with me on Sunday however out of respect for her and her family I occasionally attend a Methodist sermon once a year or so.

What is the proper way for a Catholic to conduct himself at a Methodist sermon? What about Communion? I assume we shouldn’t receive communion? I know they believe in the trinity. Thanks for any info.

I will limit my comment to just what I clipped. You are not “in communion” with them so, no you should not take communion. Besides, their ministers do not have full Holy Orders and can not concecrate anyway. And yes, they are Christians. It is just that they do not have the “full” truth as we do.

respectful attention, making note of the good contained in the preaching, disregarding what is mis-stated. and of course attention to the Word of God when it is proclaimed. no Catholics may not partake in any communion service, but can join in general prayer, singing etc. that does not contain anything contrary to Catholic belief.

Ah, I see. :slight_smile: Thanks for the information!

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