Methods of hearing Latin mass

For the Latin mass folks, what method do you use to hear the mass?

From *The hidden treasure: Holy Mass *by St. Leonard:

The third method of hearing holy Mass with profit consists of a course between the two just now described, neither requiring you to read many vocal prayers, as is prescribed in the first, nor calling for a very elevated spirit of contemplation, such as is aimed at by those who follow the second. But if you consider it well, you will find it to be the one best conformed to the spirit of the Church, which enjoins that we unite our thoughts with those of the celebrant, who ought to offer the sacrifice for those four ends indicated in the preceding instruction, this being, according to the declaration of the Angelic Doctor, the most efficacious method of paying the four great debts owing by us to God.

Complete text of this chapter and this book are at:

I’m still digesting it - thanks for putting up the link.

Something I had been experiencing recently falls into this somewhere and I’m trying to see it, so it peaks my interest.

I have attended an orthodox parish with Latin Mass and had a unique experience for myself in a matter of days after continuing to go to daily mass there. I discovered that my mass was one of distractions (something I called People-Centered). I was focused on the baby in front of me (and glad to have him there to pass the time), and thinking about work or family, etc. I came to realize my Mass needed to be “God-Centered” or focused on God.

The article you present, written long ago, acknowledges what I felt was more a matter of enabling the Mass to be elevated to a contemplative state. But this article goes further suggesting that it needs to be in union with the celebrant. That’s the part I have to digest a little more. Interesting.

I’m not sure what the various methods are. I try to follow along in my missal.

[quote=diarmait]I’m not sure what the various methods are. I try to follow along in my missal.

Following along in the missal is just one way, St. Leonard’s work outlines several ways that an individual can devoutly hear mass.

You should be aware that throughout history, most Catholics didn’t own missals and a large number wouldn’t have know how to read them even if they did own them.

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