Metro Detroit communities ban fireworks and burning because of hot, dry weather (?)


Some communities in the metro Detroit area have banned fireworks and open burning due to the dry conditions.

Less rainfall has caused vegetation to be drier and pose fire risk.

There is no statewide ban on fireworks. Although it was discussed, they have not taken any action on it at this time.

I’m not into lighting off fireworks but I think this is kind of ridiculous; with the correct supervision, it seems to be an activity most children and teenagers enjoy.

I cannot remember any fireworks bans in the past even though we’ve had droughts before and much higher temperatures; the grass doesn’t looks pretty good where I am.

It’s only a high temperature of 80 F and 81 F tomorrow and it rained the other night.

Anyone else experiencing this sort of fireworks ban in your community?

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I’m in Metro Detroit, and I really don’t see a problem with it.

I’d rather not have the Fire Fighters spend their holiday weekend putting out grass fires.

There are several municipal fireworks still going on, and my family and I are planning on attending one of those.

It’s only a high temperature of 80 F and 81 F tomorrow and it rained the other night.

Only in some areas. My area did get some rain, none at my parent’s house.


We have bans every year out west in every state and it’s common sense. Dry windy conditions and exploding fire rockets…What could go wrong?


I don’t think the weather or grass conditions out there are really that bad, especially compared to some summers in the past.

I can’t remember this sort of ban on fireworks in Michigan due to weather ever, and the weather and conditions were probably a lot worst.


In my state there is a total permanent ban on personal fireworks. Even sparklers are outlawed. I think we’re one of only two states with a total ban.


I would support a total ban in California. This whole state is a tinderbox ready to go up. We’ve had just enough rain last season to make the underbrush thick and dangerous now that it’s all dry. But that’s just because of the climate. I don’t see why they should be illegal in areas that aren’t a precarious powder keg.


New Mexico allows fireworks to be banned due to weather, but it has to be determined about 3 weeks - a month ahead of time. To me, this is ridiculous, because the weather can’t be predicted well that far in advance. And it has to be done by the state - local areas have tried to ban fireworks in the past, but were overturned by the courts. Seriously, our legislature is bought and paid for by the fireworks lobby.


They are actually banned her this year too, they claim its due to dry conditions, but just this morning, it rained steadily for hours, so I think this is just govt being way too overly cautious.

I hear and see numerous people right now setting them off , all over actually, but I dont see cop cars racing around to enforce it, or hear or many calls in to complain about others breaking this law, so…?


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