Metro Express newspaper has four-page Catholics for Choice spread

For those of you who live in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area (D.C., Maryland, northern Virginia), you may want to consider boycotting the Metro Express newspaper that you can get for free on the subway. Today’s issue has a four-page ad by Catholics for Choice (an excommunicated organization that advocates that Catholics use artificial birth control) over the front and back of the paper, which includes a maliciously out-of-context quotation from Pope Benedict XVI made out to support their sinful agenda.

God bless.

I looked up the online edition of the newspaper, but only could find one ad by Catholics for Choice. It was in conjunction with the International AIDS Conference which is currently taking place in Washington DC.

Here is a link to the online edition

The ad is on the last page. But I noticed the ad did not have a page number, unlike the rest of the paper. Could the ad have been an insert? That might explain why the other three pages did not appear, but I don’t know.

At any rate… Catholics for Choice…

They have a booth at the conference and will be sponsoring some unofficial talks. One of the talks is titled: “Good Catholics Use Condoms: Answering the Tough Questions that Come Up When Discussing HIV/AIDS Prevention and Religion”

It certainly sounds controversial. :o

Catholics for Choice, of course, is no stranger to controversy and is known for advocating positions which are contrary to Church teaching. And, as EphelDuath mentioned, at least one bishop (Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of the Diocese of Lincoln) has pronounced that any Catholics who belong to the organization are under interdict and may not receive communion. Moreover, if such persons persist as members, they incur a latae sententiae excommunication on themselves.

Catholics for Choice are big time abortion supporters & promoters.

Catholics for Choice has always perplexed me. I simply do not understand how this organization exists. Yes, I get it, they like abortion and contraception but want to be a Christian. I don’t understand why their Christianity would take the form of the Catholic Church. If they think that the Church does not have the ability to define faith and morals - if they think that the Church is blatantly lying about Her very abilities and nature - how could one honestly remain within the Church?

I once was determined to settle this mystery; I attempted to talk to their facebook group and sent the Canadian chapter an email requesting that they explain their position. The former banned me when I asked why they opposed the Bishops attempt to find a Catholic exemption in the HHS mandate and the latter would not email be back. I may attempt to email the American website and try to figure them out.

You might be able to find the information you are looking for on their website. In particular, the one page, filed under the Issues section, is titled The Truth About Religious Freedom. It explains their objections to the USCCB’s position on the contraception mandate.

I won’t link directly to that document or to the website, because I do think their views are contrary to teachings of the Catholic Church. But if you are trying to understand their viewpoint, that website might be the place to start.

I may have to check that out if I feel the need. Honestly I was more interested in the views of the individual person: why they felt participation in the Catholic Church was so valuable when they reject so much of what differentiates the Catholic Church from various sects of Protestantism.

I mean what is the average member of Catholics for Choice like? Are they passionate about Christ and His Church? Do they attend mass regularly, perhaps even daily? Do they possess a devotion to the sacrament and our Lady? Are there Saints (albeit confused Saints) among Catholics for Choice? These are questions that only a member could answer, but they seem totally unwilling to dialogue.

Looking at the website didn’t leave me very encouraged. They have a remarkable lack of references to God, Jesus, the Bible or anything else which makes a Christian a Christian. A lot of there material seems to be devoted to what individuals think or what society thinks but I didn’t material (although I didn’t look that thoroughly. Although in some ways that’s the point - I shouldn’t have to look thoroughly) which was concerned with what God thinks, or what Jesus wants for us. Still I would be most pleased to talk with a member of Catholics for Choice if one were to frequent this forum.

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