Mexican bishops decry Trump border-wall plan [CWN]


The Mexican Episcopal Conference has issued a statement decrying President Donald Trump’s executive order on border security.



I wonder what the Mexican bishops say about Mexico’s immigration policies and border enforcement?


So in other words, the Bishops of both countries are against it. Not to mention the Pope.


The catholic church in politics? how do we expect that to go. Perhaps he will excommunicate Trump and demand the President of Mexico burn him at the stake.

As I understand it, the pope is not infallible on matters of global politics and the conflict of interest between the United States and Mexico is none of his business. Although, If he could be so wrong on this, what else is he wrong about?

If the bishops are against this, what do they care of the Mexicans dying in the desert trying to walk from Mexico to Phoenix? Or Mexicans being employed in substandard conditions because they fear deportation? As a long haul truck driver, I have been to these places where illegally immigrated Mexicans are employed. Human trafficking across the border into the united states has to stop. Entering the United States is not a basic human right. Being trafficked to die in the desert by a coyote is however a violation of the basic human right to life.


From the article:

“We will continue to support our brothers and sisters who come from Central and South America and who are in transit through our country to the United States,” the statement continued.

That is a conspiracy to violate the laws of the United States. This is exactly why we need a wall. Apparently the Catholic Church in Mexico isn’t taking in immigrants. It is helping send them to the US.



People mistakenly think that looking the other way and pretending to ignore border violations seem to be the compassionate thing to do.

However a lot of human trafficking takes place and these poor souls end up at the mercy of unscrupulous people. Ignoring all this is definitely not compassionate.

I can’t seem to fathom why the Pope and the bishops have problems with the US trying to insure its border’s integrity. Would they have the same problem with Mexico doing the same?


Well quite. There is one group of people who are doing something wrong here. Any person who is wilfully crossing an international border in violation of the law is doing something both illegal and immoral. It is essentially a form of stealing: stealing the right to enter and be in a country. It is a trespass. And that country has every right to take reasonable steps to prevent it. It is no different to a man building a wall around his house because he doesn’t want people strolling through his garden. Its a sensible and proportionate security measure. It is irrational for the church to be taking such a liberal and unrealistic attitude to this issue.


With border integrity we can still have immigration. I don’t agree with trump that immigration needs to be hard. but it does need to be legal. A Mexican who shows up to work in the united states with the full backing of immigration services and federal protections for fair labor standards is empowered to get fair working conditions and pay without discrimination. I don’t think we have too many immigrants. We just don’t have the ability to process them correctly so that they and we enjoy the benefits of immigration to the full. Immigrants to the united states start small businesses at a higher per-capita rate than natural born citizens. Controlled immigration has a benefit to economic and cultural vigor. The biggest curses of uncontrolled immigration are crimes against immigrants, and crimes against citizens. Crimes against immigrants is a big one for me.


Of course the Catholic Church is involved in politics. You don’t actually buy that “freedom from religion” nonsense that the militant atheists are pushing are you?

Catholic Social Teaching has been with us at least since the 1800’s. Have you somehow not noticed the Church speaking out against abortion, euthanasia, and same sex marriage? You never heard her speak about how healthcare is a human right? The institutional Church appears to be against the idea of Trump’s wall. If you don’t like it perhaps you can take it up with your Bishop?


Shocking how Church officials keep decrying this wall, but no one here listens.



I agree.


You realize people coming illegally aren’t doing because they want to “cut a line” effectively. These people are DESPERATE, literally risking their lives to leave because they have no better options.


Did they also issue such a statement when Mexico built a wall along their border with Guatemala?


Oh we heard.

How do you expect us to react? Are we all expected to agree under pain of sin?


Open your hearts and realize that Christianity and empathy supersede your blind devotion to Trump.


So what have you done?

Some of us here, including me, have helped refugees settle here and assimilate. Of course these were legal immigrants. Are we supposed to give our money to illegals too?


A. Stop calling them illegals.
B. I don’t care what you’ve done. I’ve worked at various SIJS clinics, and if you’ve heard the stories I’ve heard, you wouldn’t be so cavalier about calling these people “illegals” or casually condemning many to their deaths by deporting them or breaking up their families.
C. Yes, you may have to pay more for “illegals”. Didn’t realize Catholicism was based on principles of “got mine, screw you”. These are literally the weakest, most defenseless segment of our society. They need our help, and that may come at some expense of your pocketbook. Christ tells us to care for our neighbor, and that’s what that looks like.


So why do you think they have more rights to be here than the ones who are trying to be here legally? There are some who are as equally desperate if not more so who are trying to do it legally.

Why do you think the US does not have a right to insist that its laws be respected?


I don’t know. They have made a statement about this wall though.


And many non-Catholics are asking: What are those tall, bricky-looking things that surround the Vatican?

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