Mexican Catholic song "A ti Virgencita mi Guadalupana" -- please help me find!

This might be a better place to post this -- here's my original thread:

I'm looking for sheet music for this Mexican traditional Catholic song, "A ti, Virgencita, mi Guadalupana" -- I would think it might even be in the public domain.

I did find the lyrics through online search and sources to purchase recordings but not just the sheet music.

All I need is the melody and lyrics, so I can play it on my keyboard and learn to sing it.

Thanks to anyone who can help me track this down!:thumbsup:

Lucy, Here is my first request, I’m looking for sheet music a popular Mexican song
that is very appropriate to this tme of year. i’s call “A ti virgensita”

I think you’d have better luck searching in Spanish.
I found this:
which looks like guitar chords to me (not a musician).

There are a million versions on Youtube, but I don’t see any music.


I’ve found this, but there’s quite a bit to look through. There is sheet music… not sure if they’ll have exactly what you need but I can keep digging later on, after dinner :slight_smile:

edit Ooops sorry after spotting this one at the top of the threads and replying, I only just noticed afterwards that this one had actually been resurrected from way back…

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