Mexican children take up arms in fight against drug gangs

In the heart of the violence-plagued Mexican state of Guerrero, learning to use weapons starts at an early age.

In the village of Ayahualtempa, at the foot of a wooded hill, the basketball court serves as a training ground for these youths, aged between five and 15.

The children practice with rifles and handguns or makeshift weapons in various drill positions for a few hours every week.

They say the world is actually more at peace now than in the past. Maybe statistically, that is true but this is pretty sad.

I guess these kids didn’t get their Presidente Obradore’s message, they are to give the Cartel killers hugs, not bullets. I think the kids just have a gut reaction of not wanting to walk up to the killer aiming his gun at them, and give him a big hug.
VERY disgusting when a government will not protect it’s own people and five year olds have to try to do the job.


I think I said it in the other thread, over the past decade or so, the Cartels have gotten involved in the lucrative avocado business. Okay, who doesn’t like avocados? To me, they are delicious and very healthy as well but one of the articles says now, they are in the lime business as well.

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The cartels will simply buy the loyalty of those kids. They’ll tell them to take the silver or they’ll take the lead.

A band of musicians, indigenous musicians and about 10 of them were massacred last week. It sounds like the BBC are saying the “children”, mostly or all boys, are sons of these musicians killed and are taking up arms because of this. Sons, relatives and so on, I’d think.

About 20 children have been recruited for an indigenous community police force in western Mexico following a deadly attack blamed on a drug cartel.

Some of the children, aged between eight and 14, were handed rifles while others paraded with sticks on a road in the town of Chilapa in Guerrero state.

Last week, 10 indigenous musicians were killed in an ambush as they returned from a party.

It’s a sad, sad, sad situation. I wish they could live like we do in the USA and this is getting worse and worse. I don’t think it will be straightened out for a long time, decades.

And if you annex be prepared for an endless and bloody guerilla war. You seem to keep representing this vision of an American colonial empire at regular intervals.


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