Mexican hospitals prepare for influx of American medical tourists


Ciudad Juárez, MEXICO - From family care to elective surgery, Americans from the border and across the country are turning to Mexico for medical treatment.

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It makes sense. I’ve read of Americans going to Mexican hospitals for treatment. Their reaction seems to be good service at good pricing.

I here in Florida that some will take a short flight to the Bahamas for medical treatment. It is similar with good quality medical treatment at lowering costs. Sometimes the doctors are event from America, having an office in Florida and an office in the Caribbean island.


Wow, the free market works…who’d a thunk it…
Maybe we should try something like that here…


I know people who regularly do that, especially for dental needs.


Two of my neighbors went to Mexico for infertility treatments. They could not get a dr here to prescribe them clomid because they already had children, but both required clomid to conceive their previous children. They went to Mexico, got the medicine, and now they have expanded their families.


Has occurred around here for years.



I know of several Americans who have taken advantage of cheaper Mexican hospitals to get procedures done, cataract surgeries in Guadalajara, and braces. This has been happening for years and is nothing new, although maybe it might increase.


Medicine in the US is sometimes steered by political agendas, rather than medical needs. For example, the theft and abuse of pain medications has resulted in laws that limit physicians what they can prescribe. Law leads medicine. :shrug:

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