Mexican journalist and media owner stabbed to death [Guardian]

**Mexican journalist and media owner stabbed to death **

Colleagues say he received threats after being critical of the state’s government

Mexican journalist Moisés Dagdug Lutzow, media company owner and former politician, was stabbed to death in his home on Saturday (20 February).

Dagdug had previously received threats, said colleagues, who also pointed out that he had been critical on his radio show of the Tabasco state government and its governor, Arturo Nuñez Jimenez.

But police believe he was the subject of a robbery at his home in Villahermosa, Tabasco’s capital. His killers escaped in his car. It was found, along with a knife, some 15 kilometres away. Witnesses said they saw two people fleeing from the vehicle.

Dagdug, 65, was the owner of a radio station and a TV news channel in Tabasco that was part of the Grupo VX media group.

The group’s news director, Angel Antonio Jiménez, said Dagdug “wasn’t afraid to say that he’d been threatened, that he was receiving constant threats.”

February 10, 2016:

Mexican journalist’s naked, bound body found beside highway**

(CNN)After armed men snatched her from her home, Mexican journalist Anabel Flores Salazar ended up dead, her body discarded along a highway – the latest example of the dangers facing media in parts of Mexico.

The attorney general’s office for Puebla state reported that a woman’s body had been found naked and bound, with her head wrapped in a plastic bag.

On Tuesday, the same office in neighboring Veracruz state identified Flores Salazar as the slain woman.

Around 2 a.m. the day before, the journalist – who covered crime, justice and other stories for a local newspaper – was abducted by gunmen who’d come to her house looking for her, the Veracruz attorney general’s office said.

Journalists being killed in Mexico is not new and it is not always who we would call organized crime that do it, it appears.

This Washington Post link discusses it more:

Nice to read and follow you as always,quoting Guardian careful GCHQ you are on the list

AP, UPI, I will post from anywhere that is good enough to be mainstream

and… .the Guardian really isn’t but they still write some good articles, I know they are slanted, I have seen it myself and they publish stories that really should not be published, they are so slanted.

But they are not the topic of this thread and probably had one of the better headlines out there. Note, I quoted 2 other stories and the last one below in post 1 is actually a bit of an opinion piece.

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