Mexican Lopez Obrador wins historic election landslide for left


Another article on the new president of


Awesome. Now with a socialist president Mexico will become so great neither their citizens nor those passing through it will want to come to the US. This election just solved the border problem! Right?

setting the stage for the most left-wing government in the country’s democratic history

Oh I don’t think so. The presidency of Calles, who made war on the Catholic religion, was extremely leftist. The fake news never gets things right.


Or the flow will increase, as Venezuela saw.


Mexicans are deeply divided over Obrador.

Those who are against him fear he will make Mexico into another Venezuela.


Seems like the wall should be built south of Mexico. :slight_smile:


and that would be a disaster for the U.S.
if that happened!

how many citizens have fled Venezuela?


I hear there is a wall being built on Mexico’s southern border.



Another vote for Venezuela.


Where is the wall on Mexico’s southern border? From what I have seen, rain forest and rivers make up the border


As long as economy is booming and everyone’s employed, what does it matter what you call, right? :slight_smile:


Don’t follow, please explain. Like what do you mean by “it”?


There are sections of wall and fence along the border of Mexico and Guatemala. Much of the terrain is impassable creating a natural barrier.


I don’t know then the purpose of your poster.


Yeh, I have a question about that. Will the travel ban still be in effect when countries like Iran qualify for the World Cup in 2026? Seems like someone wasn’t thinking ahead.


psst, if you bothered to read the policy, you’d know there is an exception process.



Some states are more socialist than others.



The Trump administration gave assurances to FIFA regarding this. Old news.


AMLO! So exciting. Good things are happening in some parts of North America.

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