Mexican mayor arrested over students’ abduction


Mexican police have arrested the former mayor of Iguala, who allegedly ordered the attacks on students at a teachers’ college in September that left six dead and 43 missing.

José Luis Abarca and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda, were arrested in eastern Mexico City.


I taught that this had been done weeks ago. But thats good that they did. Mexico needs to be very careful because things could get out of control, I mean all out civil war bad.


The Mayor’s wife and according to some sources, she seems like the real center of power here:

Many say that María de los Ángeles, wife of José Luis Abarca, former mayor of Iguala, took the main government decisions. Three of her brothers were drug traffickers.

As for the party the Mayor is a member of:

There are political implications for the Mexican left. Both mayor Jose Luis Abarca and governor Angel Aguirre Rivero belong to the leftish Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD), whose leadership has to have signed off on their candidacies. Their affiliation is with the “New Left” ("Nueva Izquierda) current in the PRD considered to be most conservative and closest to President Enrique Peña Nieto’s PRI, or Revolutionary Institutional Party. The PRD was founded in 1989 by dissident elements of the PRI along with some from the Mexican Communist Party and others, in the wake of the 1988 presidential elections that were stolen from President Cardenas’s son, Cuauhtémoc Carenas Solorzano. (Disclaimer, this website looks like it is a Communist/Socialist slanted website but what they print here is probably still the truth)

I’ve been keeping up with every little bit, they have torched buildings in Guerrero and they lit the door of the Presidential Palace off the Zocalo on fire as well. Of course, we all know the Zocalo.

Mexico has been entrenched in real strife since about 2006.


An official of the PAN (Partido Accion Nacional), the Conservative party was assassinated around the same time as the students. So I tend to think the same powers that shot the students shot the PAN official, Guerrero is ruled by the party the mayor is a member of. Doesn’t speak good for that party but perhaps the Mayor and others are basically ‘bad apples’.


Praying for justice for those kids and the PAN leader.

Mexico has wept enough I think.


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