Mexican National Catholic Church


Anyone know anything about this church. This guy claims they are in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Rather…ummm…interesting web site.

Gets mentioned here in this Catholic World News article. Surprise I guess he is not in communion with Rome.


Looks like its affiliated with one of those diploma mill schools
"International Theological University".

You could probably earn your own BA/MA degree and declare yourself an archbishop just like Alexander Swift Eagle Justice.

I find it especially interesting that he calls his “church” (term used very loosely) the Mexican National Catholic Church or “Iglesia Catolica Nacional de Mexico” yet he is located in Pasadena, California and the site is entirely in English.


I looked at his site, and I find it interesting how many different communions he professes

quote from the site
"The MNCC is Full Communion with the Roman Catholic Church, with the Anglican/Episcopal Church, with the Old American Catholic Church and with the Orthodox Church."

Now, it would seem that this guy’s site professes that he is the hub united all of the major communions, since last I heard the Anglican, the Orthodox, and and the Roman Catholic Church did not see themselves in full communion with each other.

I also had to laugh at the site’s offer for aid on the one hand, and it’s blatant mention that no money will be provided to anyone that seeks aid, because (tongue in cheek) we all know that monetary help would only go to the criminals and lowlifes of the world.


Yes it is comforting that they are all in communion with him. I can sleep better at night.


From the site…

**+Carfora, and the Roman bishop of Guanajuato, Bishop Eduardo Rodriguez stood alone as the lone Mexican native primate. He was invited to Vatican II where he made friends with Pope John XXI who personally regularized his orders. Bishop Rodriguez attended and voted at the council. The pope granted him, as a sign of reconciliation the title of Archbishop of Guanajuato. The Vatican Cardinals opposed the papal grant. **

I have no doubt that the Cardinals opposed Pope John XXI’s (1276-1277) grant. Popes should not be granting Archbishop titles from the grave. :tsktsk: :smiley:


Mexican church? Can you touch the holy water? :smiley:

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