Mexican State of Puebla Approves Pro-Life Amendment to Constitution

By Matthew Cullinan HoffmanPUEBLA, March 13, 2009 ( - Despite fierce opposition, political maneuvering, and disruptive protests meant to stop the process, the Congress of the Mexican State of Puebla has approved an amendment protecting the right to life "from the…

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Lovely :heart: :heart: :heart:

Thank you for sharing! :stuck_out_tongue:

good news

it violates human rights agreements???

whoa… people just don’t seem to care how “stupid” they sound sometimes…

i like what R. Reagan said: Isn’t it interesting that all the people who are pro-aborton are already born?

Good, excellent news, a day of defeat for the international Masonic conspiracy and their murderous ideas! Death to Abortion, Death to Human Rights!

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