Mexico church assailed for maligning miniskirt

Interesting article from the AP.

I’m wondering how much of the priest’s comments were taken out of context. I’d really like to see the original Mexican church website where this was posted.

That was an interesting article. I tend to agree with the priest that dressing in provocative clothing puts one in greater danger of being victimized. I don’t see how making a statement like that is suggesting that it’s the victim’s fault for being raped. Nobody blows up when the police tell women not to go jogging alone at night. Why should they get upset when people suggest that clothing can affect how people treat you?

Miniskirts give people the chance to see a lot of your body. If there’s a sick person out there looking for a woman to assault, showing them a lot of your body is not something you want to be doing. If two women are walking alone at night, and one of them is dressed modestly, while the other is wearing a miniskirt and a tight shirt with lots of cleavage, the one dressed immodestly is probably more likely to become a victim of crime.

I’m not saying women should wear burkas for their own protection, or be locked in the house without a male escort. I’m not saying the woman dressed immodestly was “asking for it” if she is unlucky enough to become a victim of assault. What I’m saying is that she engaged in higher-risk behaviours than other women, and unfortunately became a victim. Would she have been assaulted anyway if she’d been dressed more modestly? Possibly. Is the rapist justified in choosing her? Absolutely not. Could she have done something to prevent the crime? Not necessarily. But it may not have been her that was victimized if she had been dressed more modestly. The criminal might not have noticed her and might have found a different victim if she hadn’t been wearing clothes that shouted “NOTICE ME!” The crime would probably still have taken place, but her risks might have been lessened.

I think the brou-ha-ha in Mexico is unnecessary.

I wonder how many of the protestors are Catholic? :shrug:

Seems to me that some people are happy to parade around like harlots, but I never seem them at the Sunday mass. I’m guessing that most of the hub-bub over this is from those people who dislike the teachings of the Church, either because they don’t understand them or because they are not Catholic and find the Church an easy target to attack.

According to the Guadalajara Reporter it appeared in the Archdiocese’s official publication “Desde la Fe,” and the article was entitled “Shame”.

I think this is the link to the website:


Here is the page machine translated to English on Google Translate:

I’m not a fan of how this article was written.

Comparing this:

“When we show our body without prudence, without modesty, we are prostituting ourselves,” wrote Roman, a Mexico City priest.

which reads to me as encouraging women to respect their own dignity, with this:

A police superintendent in Jamaica called on women last week to dress with greater modestly to curb rapes on the island.

After an 8-year-old girl was gang-raped by five men at a market in Montego Bay, Steve McGregor blamed rapes this summer partly on girls wearing short shorts and tiny bathing suits.

is unfair.

The first quote encourages the dignity of women and encourages them to dress in a manner that will encourage all to respect the dignity of women. The second quote blames the victim, no way around it, and if the police superintendent sees telling women to cover up as the only way to address the gang rape of a child, then IMO there really isn’t much hope for Jamaican society. If the best the police can do in response to rape of an innocent child is tell women to dress better…:mad:

Thanks for posting this, though. Now I know that I don’t ever want to visit Jamaica.

people should have guns, that will prevent many rapes, as for the miniskirt.

that should have been banned long ago.

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