Mexico City Braces for Impact from Jalisco Cartel Advance ANALYSIS

Mexico City Braces for Impact from Jalisco Cartel Advance

Despite having long played down the presence of the powerful Jalisco Cartel in Mexico City, a series of recent moves are making such denials increasingly pointless.

In recent weeks, signs have emerged that the Jalisco Cartel New Generation (Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación – CJNG) is expanding its presence in Mexico City, largely by allying itself with the Fuerza Anti-Unión to take on the capital’s largest criminal gang, La Unión Tepito.

On October 3, a shoot out in the district of Azcapotzalco left six dead and four wounded, with one of the arrested perpetrators telling police they were hired by the CJNG to attack drug dealers associated to La Unión Tepito, according to El Universal.

Within reason, Mexico City has stayed fairly safe and secure. A real upheaval would be very bad, if the violence found in other areas reached there. It has but not to a great extent.

This Jalisco Cartel is very powerful.

Those cartels will one day replace the Mexican government and we’ll have a narco state with a capable military right on our border.

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