Mexico City nude photo has story on nude shoot at the Zocalo square in Mexico City. (it is safe to see the picture on Drudge because it is just a blur) I stayed at a hotel at the Zocalo a month ago. The beautiful national cathedral is facing the square and has masses almost hourly throughout the day. Such a slap in the face to hold the largest nude photo shoot (18,000 people) right in front of the church. The photographer knew the government officials had just approved abortions and civil gay marriages in Mexico. The devil is very happy in Mexico I put this thread in the “secular” news section because that is where Mexico is heading.

Sin = Counterfeit Freedom.

During this month of Mary, I hope the Mexican people are turning their prayers to Our Lady of Guadalupe’s intercession.

Anything is possible for God…and so is the return of sanity to Mexico.

I don’t see how this is necessarily sinful. It’s not as if they were having orgies in the streets. It’s supposed to be an artistic demonstration. Now, I’m not personally sold on the whole idea, but I don’t see at being wrong so much as weird and not very intersting.

What’s the problem?

Wow, people are really stupid.

This is art folks, relax.

This is art folks, relax.

O-oo-ooh, that’s right. We missed that part. It’s ART. Yeah. Ri-i-iight. :dts:

Funny how these little “art” exhibitions which we uptight, benighted types just don’t get always somehow manage to turn into gratuitous attacks on the Church and the Faith though …

En posición de feto frente a la catedral capitalina, de espaldas al Palacio de Gobierno y saludando a una bandera imaginaria fueron algunas de las posiciones que creó Tunick, rompiendo su récord de Barcelona, donde desnudó a 7.000 personas.

“!Norberto Rivera (arzobispo de México), la gente se te encuera!” fueron algunas de las consignas que gritó el gigante mosaico de figuras humanas en la principal plaza de la ciudad de México, donde recientemente se aprobó una ley que despenaliza el aborto y que provocó fuertes críticas de la Iglesia Católica.

“!Sí al aborto! !Sí al aborto!” corearon las mujeres reunidas en una serie de Tunick destinada sólo a ellas.

The rest of the story for those who can read Spanish can be found here:

Here’s a quick translation for those of you who can’t:

Curled in the fetal position before the capital city’s cathedral, with their backs to the government palace and saluting an imaginary flag were a few of the positions which Tunick created, as he broke his previous record in Barcelona, where he had photographed 7,000 naked people.

“Norberto Rivera (archbishop of Mexico), the people strip for you!” were some of the slogans shouted by the gigantic mosaic of human figures in Mexico City’s main square, where a law decriminalising abortion was recently passed, provoking stern criticism on the part of the Catholic Church.

“Yes to abortion! Yes to abortion!” chanted the women who participated in a series of photos dedicated only to them.

Nope, nothing amiss there. No agendas. Just a big, nasty ol’ pile of sweaty, flabby “art” happening.

Yeah. :doh2:

Sure, some of the naked people were yelling mildly anti-Catholic slogans, but the point of the event wasn’t anti-Catholic. The guy just takes pictures of large groups of nude people. I think it’s a little weird and pointless, but I don’t see it as being wrong or anti-Catholic.

Since I have not seen this event or pictures from it I can’t really comment on it until I see further info, it could just as easily been anti-Catholic but reporters said it was “art”, or it could have been done in good taste but reporters said it was “anti-Catholic”.

As far as nudity by itself, I have no problem with it. The supermodel Adriana Lima has done nude photos, yet she herself is a devout Catholic (at 25 she is still a virgin and will wait until she married and she also was considering becoming a nun before she did modeling) Proof that a girl can be sexy and Catholic! :slight_smile:

I can remember growing up in the Mid west back in the 50’s and later in the mid-60’s moving to California. What a culture shock! California was considered “Progressive” and “cool” because it was ahead of other states in pushing the pill, tolerating free love and gay love, encouraging gals from other states to come to California for abortions and started the topless (and later nude) nightclubs. Eventually all this hedonism spread to other states. California is a state with a great Spanish Catholic history. The California Missions and most of the names of the towns and cities were Spanish. The Catholic values have been ridiculed and replaced with hedonistic secularism in cities named after great Spanish saints such as San Francisco. It saddens me to see the take-over of hedonism and secularism in Mexico City. If you had read the article that accompanied the picture on the Drudge Report you would have noticed how they were praising Mexico City for finally coming into the 21st Century and loosening up their morals. Viva la hedonism! The government has been anti-Catholic (especially anti-clerical) for years. The famous murals at the Zocalo art museum depict the clergy as monsters. The guides tell horrible stories about how greedy and mean the clergy have always been. The Catholics in Mexico who can hang on to their Catholicism with all the anti-Catholic indoctrination are living saints. Vivan los Mexicanos Catolicos!

Suuuuure blame California for all the world’s woes… Was it not Colorado where the first pills were licensed in '62? Did not Gay bars first appeared in Nebraska in the 1890’s? Did not the hippies originate in Virginia? So please tell me what midwest state you are from and I will be sure to remind everyone what “cool” things your state unleashed on the world.

I’ve seen several of this guy’s photos. Yawn. It’s not as though you can see any of the naughty bits in the pictures;) It’s just a pile of flabby bodies. Silly.

Gross Imagines Adriana Lima to get bad images out of head

your comment was posted in the Chicago Sun-times newspaper. I had to do a double take on that.

I agree with your comment, all this liberalism is spreading into Mexico as well.

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