Mexico Deploys A Formidable Deportation Force Near Its Own Southern Border


Are you making a point about something here?

thanks for posting this article. many don’t realize Mexico guards their border on the south to keep people out!


A sovereign nation has the right to regulate immigration.


Many don’t realize how horrible the living conditions are in places like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Nor the on going civil strife with various groups like the Zapatistas and military operations in the south.


Do you know people that stupid?


i am sure there are people who have never given it a thought and probably could not name the countries just south of the Mexican border. yes, there are people that stupid in our country and the scary part is they vote!


Not that anyone was claiming otherwise, but neither the U.S. nor Mexico can claim the moral high ground.

That’s why I voted for Donald Trump - BUILD - THE - WALL !


Take the bother to actually read the article

Their ‘formidable’ forces is a recent thing.

Perhaps you didn’t read the article. It started in 2014 under Obama.

Is that the point you wanted to make? That the previous administration took illegal immigration just as seriously as the present one (although building a wall doesn’t seem to be taking it too seriously)?

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You don’t think starting in 2014 qualifies as recent?
The problem has been there since the late 70’s and early 80’s

Also, the tone and quotes in the article indicate they’ve further stepped up enforcement

You’re familiar with the qualifications for admittance to the US under asylum, correct? My guess is most of Mexico’s citizens don’t fit those terms.

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Obama didn’t have a bumper sticker slogan.

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And the asylum seekers from Central America are required to apply in Mexico,

They don’t because they are really economic migrants who have been coached.

i am sure they were guarding their southern border before 2014.

I think that I need to know if you have a point to make.

Well, good. I guess even 3rd world nations are getting tired of the freeloaders.

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Do we deport everyone to Mexico? If so those from Central America would have accomplished their goal it seems.

I couldn’t name them. But fortunately I only vote on local referenda.

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