Mexico missing students: Mass grave found near Iguala


A mass grave has been found on the outskirts the Mexican town of Iguala, where 43 students went missing on 26 September, officials say.

It is not clear whether the bodies found in a pit are those of the missing students, who were last seen being forced into police vans.

The group had travelled to the area, in the state of Guerrero, to take part in a protest over teachers’ rights.

Police opened fire on their buses, killing six people.

Twenty-two police officers are being held in connection with the shooting.

Witnesses said the most of the survivors- all trainee teachers - were bundled into police vans before disappearing.

Some had gone into hiding and contacted their relatives after several days, still fearing for their lives.

‘Anonymous tip’
It was thought initially that 44 students, not 43, had gone missing. They had been taking part in a protest over job discrimination against rural teachers.


That’s awful! What a tragedy! :frowning:


Praying for the repose of their souls.


This ia terrible news. When will they know if it is the students or a drug cartel war?


According to Inaky Blanco, chief prosecutor for the state of Guerrero, last weeks crimes were committed by a criminal gang called Guerreros Unidos. He said that local police officers are members of that gang. The identity of the bodies taken from the pit will determined via DNA analysis.

According to previous news reports, the student-teachers had hijacked their bus since they could not afford to charter it. This is apparently not uncommon behavior, and has sometimes led to hostile encounters with the police.


Another product of our failed war on drugs which btw they never stop fighting and the bad guys are now waging a different war.

The incident occurred in a area where two the worst drug cartels operate, the Sinaloa and the Zetas with the later being just as brutal as Isis and controlling the US-immigration smuggling, and the prior being deeply rooted worldwide through international banking and finance.

Their areas…

The test of whether the arrest has made any difference is to say to the dealers and addicts in the US: ‘Has the price gone up?’ Unless it has, there’s no change. We asked – and it hasn’t. It’s business as usual.”

The Zetas also began a new phenomenon: “cleansing” entire communities from territory they claimed.

The authorities surmised that the victims were passengers on long-distance buses hijacked by the Zetas, and the people aboard press-ganged as part of a recruitment drive. The dead were, it was assumed, those who did not want to join as runners or whatever for the narco soldiers.

America and Mexico were together engaged in “the biggest manhunt ever” and “relentless pursuit” of Guzmán. The biggest manhunt ever, mounted over 13 years, had failed where two journalists succeeded in a matter of months.


The message reaffirmed the Guerreros Unidos’ commitment to battling a rival group the Rojos, originally a hitman squad for the Beltran Leyva Organization (BLO) in Guerrero state, reports Notimex. (Full text of the Guerreros Unidos’ banner here.)

The Guerreros Unidos were one of the several splinter gangs to emerge in 2011 from the remains of the BLO, itself a former wing of the Sinaloa Cartel. But when the group’s leader, Cleotilde Toribio Renteria, alias “El Tilde,” was arrested in Mexico City on July 9, the question was whether the Guerreros Unidos could survive the loss.

It’s very complex, all I will say is the scope of violence greatly surged in Mexico cerca 2006, some date like this. It wasn’t a problem anywhere like it is now prior.


How sad. :frowning:

Eternal rest grant unto them oh Lord and may perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.


According to Inaky Blanco, two hitmen have confessed to killing 17 of the missing students.

He said a gang leader known as “El Chucky” ordered two hitmen to abduct and kill the students.

The gang members made students come out of a bus, “they grabbed 17, took them to the top of a hill in Pueblo Viejo where they have clandestine graves and where they say they killed them,” Mr Blanco said.


Horrible. Too bad things like this indeed do seem to occur there from time to time. No way did the students deserve this but I wonder if there is even more to the story than we know. And what I mean by that is if one cartel is involved, I wonder if another one could be involved as sometimes seems to be the story.

One newspaper called it a brazen attack, obviously. How could they think they, those who carried this out including apparently members of the police, would get away with such an act?

In one of the other threads, I mentioned the “Autodefensas”, in the nearby state of Michoacan they have “Self-Defense” groups, sometimes in English newspapers, they will call them Vigilantes defending the towns with some success at that.


So tragic. God help those poor parents, and protect all from becoming immune to the suffering caused by drug violence.


This event happened far away from the Border and Mexico has an internal market for drugs, so it’s not always necessarily about drug smuggling as these cartels also are big into human trafficking and take advantage of those migrating through Mexico.

Mexican Troops fired on a plaza back in 1968.

So, unfortunately, some of this has been going on for a long time, the thing is nowadays, there is a lot more of it. But it certainly is attributable to a number of factors and the situation certainly does not give unto itself simplistic analysis. Government corruption is probably another factor.

‘Mexico security officials likely conspired in massacre of students’

At the college east of the state capital of Chilpancingo, where the students are from, there was anger and despair over their fate and anxious relatives blamed President Enrique Pena Nieto for what had happened.

“Things are going from bad to worse,” said a woman who identified herself as Anayeli, whose 20-year-old brother was among the missing. “Supposedly Pena Nieto isnt involved, but this is happening right under his nose. Hes involved in all of this.”

Blanco said local police had been infiltrated by a criminal gang known as the Guerreros Unidos, and that Flores had conspired with a gang leader to order the killings.

He added that Francisco Salgado, Flores`s deputy, also ordered the police to detain the students and has gone missing.
Police are suspected of abducting some of the students, a local security official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“You really can`t call them police,” the state security official said.

Notice, though “cartel” is commonly used, here they are simply called a “criminal gang”.

If you ever study Mexican history, most of their Presidents, PRI, are thought to have largely pillaged the national treasury if not at times, be hospitable to some criminal figures. I think Pres. Miguel de La Madrid was seen to be friendly to criminal enterprise in Sinaloa province and it took some arm-twisting to get the government on board to go after those who killed DEA agent Camarena in the 1980s.


I see in Mexico City they are protesting. The whole street was filled with people and looked miles long but I wasn’t sure if the picture being used could be a file photo. The attack was so brazen, it’s difficult to fathom. Obviously, those who did it should have known they would not get away with it.,0,1413150.story


A number of pictures in this newspaper, too big to post. These are Mexico City likely, there appears to be protests in a number of other cities.


I noticed that many of the marchers were wearing balaclavas. I can’t imagine the weather in Mexico City is so wintery that they needed to protect their faces from the cold.


In that photo, weather has nothing to do with it and I did post in haste earlier so all of those protest pictures are not from Mexico City, at least that one isn’t. I think the story indicates those protesters are Zapatistas, the breakaway movement in Chiapas Mexico, a relatively recent phenomenon.

So I was premature saying all of the photos were from Mexico City.

These Zapatistas I believe started a movement that somewhat has been peaceful… but again, I don’t want to mislead anyone.

Chiapas is the Southern State that borders Guatemala, it is Mayan terrain.

I think San Cristobal de las Casas is considered a cool place to be.


Now that I opened the page again, I think they updated the story and may have put some new pictures on.

But the balaclavas, yes, are Zapatista type of wear. I think the movement lives basically in peace, somehow they were able to secure it and there was not much bloodshed. A popular movement. I think they have a somewhat autonomous government, I don’t know much about it.

There pioneer founder was Comandante Cero, Commander Zero.


Oh, okay, thank you for the explanation. I was curious about the motivation for wearing them, since their appearance seemed out of place.


Missing Mexican students 'not found in mass grave’

Will Grant, the BBC’s Mexico correspondent, says confirmation the missing students were not found in mass graves will give their families renewed hope.

Many of the families are camped out in Iguala waiting for answers from the local authorities.


Witnesses said the armed men identified themselves as Grupo Hercules, a police security unit for Matamoros city officials, and were traveling in military style trucks. She said witnesses also saw federal highway police, “but no one did anything.”

Now 3 Texans killed in the border area. What is so odd about this on the border and what happened in Iguala Guerrero, is strangely, the government seems connected.

So this “governmental unit” abducted the 3 and they turn up dead? One really wonders what we are dealing with. What’s puzzling is like the students before them, why kill these people? Even if there is wrongdoing, incarcerate them. Government involved but not the Federal government necessarily.

Authorities say police in the Guerrero city of Iguala attacked the students on orders from the mayor because of fears the students planned to disrupt a speech by the mayor’s wife. Officers allegedly turned the students over to the Guerreros Unidos drug cartel. In a month of searching the area, including combing a ravine outside a nearby town on Wednesday, federal authorities have discovered several clandestine mass graves but no sign of the students.

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