Mexico ready to retaliate by hurting American corn farmers


Are we going to start seeing a trade war between Mexico and the US? According to CNN:

Mexico is one of the top buyers of American corn in the world today. And Mexican senator Armando Rios Piter, who leads a congressional committee on foreign relations, says he will introduce a bill this week where Mexico will buy corn from Brazil and Argentina instead of the United States.

It’s one of the first signs of potential concrete action from Mexico in response to President Trump’s threats against the country.


The trade war was inevitable the moment after the election was called.

I think the mid-2000s will reveal an economic bloc from the Cortez Sea to Cape Horn, from which we will be neatly shut out. The Trumpers will get their wish, and won’t like it much.



I am not sure why anyone would be surprised.


American farmers retaliate by planting wheat, soybean, canola and alfalfa.
American seed companies retaliate with sterile genetically modified seed, only good for one use…

Good luck Mexico…

It’s not until the world points the finger at a Mexican government that creates poverty disease and death and then makes sure the border is open so the USA has to deal with it that things will change. When will Mexico be free?


Good Luck with that.


Oh, its not surprising at all…


Monday, November 4, 1957**

An event such as the meeting of your legislative assembly in Rome,** will, We feel sure, create greater public interest in the benefits to be derived from a unity that is broader than that of a nation as understood in the traditional sense. Men will not fail to be struck** by the increased production of coal and steel;** by the lower prices resulting from the elimination of customs barriers and restrictive measures ; and by the professional readaptation of workers and the free circulation of manpower** which, very fortunately, have recently been put into effect…

The material and moral ruins caused by the last World War have given a better insight into the futility of narrow nationalistic politics. Europe, battered and humbled, feels the need of uniting and of putting an end to worldly rivalries….Finally, she senses, and so does the entire world with her, that all men are brothers and are called to work together in assuming responsibility for all the miseries of mankind and in putting an end to the scandal of famine and ignorance. **How can the nations of Europe dare again to confine themselves to a *shortsighted protectionism *** when experience has proven that such measures ultimately stifle economic expansion and diminish the resources that are available for the improvement of the lot of humanity?..

To enter into a larger community always entails sacrifices, but it is urgently necessary to understand their inescapable and ultimately beneficial character…



In America we feed corn to animals, including our beef, we use it to power our cars, we use dried corn kernels for playground bedding.
In Mexico corn is used to keep people from starving… unsuccessfully sometimes.
Is this the smartest war they want to start!?

Why not threaten something that would hurt us.

Oil. Oh wait, then we would invade…


I’d rather be in a trade war and have someone fighting for the unborn than not and the continuous slaughter of our children through abortion.


Corn is fungible, like oil. Once it enters the stream of commerce, including the futures market, it’s not identifiable to any particular place.

There has long been resistance to American corn in Mexico, for all sorts of reasons. Part of it is the GMO argument, which is really just a trade barrier. Part of it is a belief in Mexico that American corn doesn’t have the nutritive qualities of Mexican corn. Part of it is the complaints of Mexican corn farmers that American corn is subsidized, which it is, and therefore unfair to them. Corn is basically an industrial commodity in the U.S.; an ingredient to further processed products, and it is in Mexico as well, but it’s more than that in Mexico. It’s kind of an institution with a lot of local variables that American corn cannot and does not replace. This will be good copy in Mexico, and popular, and it would have been just as popular without Trump.

It won’t sound too good in Iowa, of course, despite the fact that corn is really cheap nowadays anyway, due to massive overproduction, excessive insurance payouts for crop failure, and price supports, and would be no matter what Trump did or does.


The grave evil of abortion does not make President Trump’s trade policy ethical, prudent or far-sighted. They are two thoroughly disconnected policies and should be judged separately.


I am not sure how they are harmed if they buy corn from someone else. They have no moral obligation to buy from us.


How does this hurt corn farmers?


I’d rather Mexico didn’t hurt its own people. But alas, I don’t vote there.
Maybe I should vote there anywAy…


Although the United States is the world’s largest corn exporter, exports account for a relatively small share of demand for U.S. corn–less than 15 percent


Yes, and they can pay market value for that plentiful Canadian corn or corn from Iran?


Why shouldn’t they?


Nothing to stop dual citizenship, is there?


Yup. And yes, that is a lot of tortillas, but they should produce thier own anyway!
Go to the store in the Mexican food section and buy authentic tortillas made in Mexico only to find out, bam! Grown in Nebraska!!!

Now take away our bottled Mexican Coke make with real cane sugar and we have a problem. Ironically ours is made with corn…


But I’m not a citizen I don’t speak the language and I have no job…
Oh well I’ll just cross the border and demand to vote in Juarez on Election Day. Maybe I’ll hit up several cities.::::wink:

But seriously, why does the world lecture the us when Mexico is horrific and has historically been horrific despite 200 years of a great example to the north…


This could be terrible news. I’m a farmer up here in Canada and if this happens it will be felt by all cash crop farmers, not just corn farmers. If farmers get lower prices for their food, they’ll spend less on fertilizer and machinery. This could have a ripple effect, mostly effecting presumably Trump voters. He’s got to be careful or he could be looking at only a one term presidency.

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