Mexico relatives search for students in Guerrero


Mexico relatives search for students in Guerrero (read full story at link)

Desperate relatives have joined soldiers in the search for 44 students who disappeared during protests in the Mexican town of Iguala in the state of Guerrero.

The trainee teachers are missing since last Friday.

They were last seen being bundled into police vans during protests over job discrimination against rural teachers.

Police had opened fire on their buses and on protestors killing six people and injuring 17.

Some 22 officers are being held in connection with the shooting.

If the police took them into custody, one would hope they are alive. Yet, if one reads the story, the State itself is offering a reward for information. The mayor was arrested.

The protest was as stated above, over job discrimination against rural teachers. Certainly, a serious subject but nothing you would think people would die over. Unbelievable that the police would open fire killing six people at the protests.

Apparently, the protesters are called “Normalistas” in Spanish.

There is some other news out of this but it is unconfirmed.

It’s interesting that according to USA Today in a 2012 article, the “Normalistas” actually want the old ways to persist, those “old ways” seems to mean that a retiring teacher can sell their position to the highest bidder. I know, it sounds a bit odd to many of us.

On first seeing such a title, “students missing”, I know one would think, students protesting, we would associate it with what we would see in the USA but maybe it is much different. Certainly no reason to go killing anyone.

In many areas of rural Mexico, these college students known as “normalistas” have taken to the streets and hijacked buses in sometimes violent protests against any changes to the education system. Some protests have been going for months.

Encouraged by their professors, the students have protested the teaching of English and computer skills to rural children. They’ve demonstrated against the strengthening of teacher evaluations, changes to labor laws and the elimination of the practice of allowing teachers to sell their jobs to the highest bidder.

“(The normalistas) want the old rules of the past to persist,” says David Calderón, director of the education advocacy group Mexicanos Primero. “That’s at the bottom of this.”


Has the mayor been arrested, or is there simply a warrant for his arrest? The police chief for that town was also faced with arrest.

Drug wars seems to be involved, with many police of that town siding with the narcos. In addition to firing upon the busloads of students, the police that same day fired on a bus carrying a sports team and on a taxi. 22 of the city cops have been detained in connection with the shootings.

Authorities are hoping the student-teachers are in hiding, and will come out when assured of their safety. The families of the the students, however, fear that they are being held hostage by a drug gang.



It’s definitely an outrage. The only thing that give me any consolation when things like this happen is the doctrine of Heaven and maybe I shouldn’t say this, but the doctrine of Hell gives me consolation especially, because I know there is final justice for those who choose evil and do not repent of it, and that justice is perfect.


A lot of strange stuff happens here. Don’t get me wrong. I live in Mexico and believe it’s the best place for me, but especially some places are downright dangerous.

I’ve learned the hard way to be careful, and I have started carrying pepperspray in my purse.

Once, someone tried to kidnapped me, and I asked someone for help who saw the person in a car. He saw it was true, came in a van, saved me. It was like something out of a novel.

There are quite a few kidnappings, also, here, to a point there are warnings out by the American government to tourists.

There is a lot of corruption, as well.


Thankfully you are okay, thanks to God. Mexico is a charming place but has had some definite problems lately. Sounds more like it is in the rural areas. I really like Mexico City in spite of obviously, a smog problem back then, it is so historic and scenic.


I love Mexico, too. It just has its bright side and dark side.


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