Mexico sect vows fight over public schools

Question: has the blessed virgin, ever left instructions for dress codes? im just curious.

Quoting from the article, for the sake of clarity

Sprouting out of the corn fields of western Mexico rises a hill crowned with two arches and four towers, marking the gates of an improvised “holy land” that farmers built brick by brick over nearly four decades. The sprawling complex, they believed, would be the only place saved in the coming apocalypse: Nueva Jerusalen, or “New Jerusalem.”

A cult has since sprung up around the detailed instructions that Our Lady of the Rosary supposedly left for followers, including how its estimated 5,000 members should dress and live. No non-religious music, no alcohol or tobacco, no television or radio, no modern dress and, the injunction that has landed them in trouble, no public education.

The faith of the people here is built on messages purportedly passed from the Virgin Mary to a defrocked Catholic priest, an illiterate old woman and a clairvoyant. That faith has since developed into a complex hierarchy of brightly-robed followers, with women wearing purple, red, white or green robes, depending on their “order” or vocation.

The cult has no connection to the Catholic Church.

A few weeks ago, an organized platoon of believers destroyed and burnt the two government run schools. The community is now in a standoff with authorities and have been keeping both teachers and police at bay.

Here is an additional news article

Mexican authorities were unable Monday to overcome the resistance of an apocalyptic religious sect in western Mexico that has refused to allow public school teachers to hold classes in their town of Nueva Jerusalen, or New Jerusalem.

Lines of sect followers in brightly-colored robes lined up at the gated entrance to the town to face down dozens of federal and state police sent in Monday after an apparent compromise plan to set up schools outside the town broke down.

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