Mexico shooting: Mayor Gisela Mota killed in Temixco [BBC]


New year, they say the woman had just become Mayor yesterday, the town is not far from Mexico City. 2 of the 4 gunmen killed by the Police. It sounds like this happened in the state of Morelos, many come here from there.

Mexico shooting: Mayor Gisela Mota killed in Temixco

A newly-elected Mexican mayor has been shot dead on her second day in office.

Gisela Mota was killed at her home in the city of Temixco, 85km (52 miles) south of the capital Mexico City, hours after taking her oath of office on Friday, police said.

Reports said she was attacked by four gunmen. Police shot two of the attackers dead and arrested the others.

A motive for the killing is unclear. Several Mexican mayors were killed last year by alleged drug traffickers.

The left-of-centre former federal congresswoman, who was in her early 30s, had promised to try to clean up Temixco, an industrial city where problems associated with drugs and organised crime are rife.


How tragic!


very sad! May she rest in peace.


Many people do not realize quite a few US companies that have factories in certain areas of Mexico, are paying money to the cartels just to be allowed to continue to operate in their territory…this is likely contributing to the violence in industrial areas.


I have heard this also. it makes one wonder if it is worth moving your business there.


When she ran for Mayor, she said she understood that she was putting herself in grave danger, but she felt compelled to fight corruption.
God rest her soul.
THIS is precisely why people flee Mexico.
It’s horrible. Simply horrific.
God be with the people of that area as they grieve for this courageous woman.


:thumbsup: and prayers for the courageous people trying to make a difference in Mexico and fight corruption.


Slain Mexican mayor sacrificed herself to save family

Temixco (Mexico) (AFP) - When gunmen burst into her home, the freshly-installed mayor of Temixco, south of Mexico City, told them to leave her family alone and surrendered to them, witnesses recalled.

Gisela Mota, who lived with her parents, was still in her pajamas on Saturday morning when the masked commando jumped a wall and stormed the house.

The 33-year-old single woman’s parents were home along with her newborn nephew, whose grandmother was preparing to give him a bottle.

The assailants beat up her relatives until Mota “gave herself up so that they would let the others go,” said the mayor’s mother, Juanita Ocampo.

“I told them that if they wanted to kill me, they should kill me first,” Ocampo told reporters. “But she told them, ‘I am Gisela.’ They took her because she was very brave.”

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Link found between Mexican mayor’s killing and cartel dispute

The murder of Gisela Mota, mayor of the central Mexican city of Temixco, is linked to a dispute between rival gangs for control of police departments ahead of the implementation of a unified command system, Morelos Gov. Graco Ramirez said.

“In the past few weeks, the threats increased” against mayors who supported having their local departments assigned to a unified command under the Morelos state police, the governor told Radio Formula.

The threats were made by the Los Rojos and Guerreros Unidos gangs, which have been fighting for control of the state and “are determined to take advantage of this political situation (the start of the terms of several mayors) and again take, like before, control of the police,” Ramirez said.

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Bishop condemns murder of Mexican mayor

Bishop Ramon Castro of Cuernavaca celebrated the funeral Mass of Mayor Gisela Mota

A Mexican bishop has condemned the murder of a local mayor who was assassinated a day after she assumed office.

Bishop Ramon Castro Castro of Cuernavaca, in comments published by the newspaper Reforma, who celebrated her funeral Mass, asked: “How is it possible that all of a region of the state is in the hands of organised crime, that people are paying protection money?”

“This is evidence of our reality,” Bishop Castro said on Sunday outside the home of slain Mayor Gisela Mota in Temixco, about 50 miles south of Mexico City in Morelos state. “I’ve been saying it for some time and pleading, and no one has been able to do anything.”

He said Mota’s murder sends the message, “If you don’t cooperate with organised crime, look at what’s going to happen to you.”

“This crime is a signature act that characterises the failed public security system in the state,” he said at the funeral. “I hope and pray to God that Gisela’s death helps to make us all more conscious.”

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Mexico hardly has the resources or will to overcome this problem unless there is some sort of fundamental change. This kind of problem has existed for a long time but it is much worse now and it’s hard to see how it can change.

Gangs battling to see who controls police departments? What’s next!

As of now, the most workable solution there seems to be those self-defense groups and I will keep from saying “Vigilante” groups which they are called sometimes.


There hasnt been much fighting for who controls the police down there, they have been solidly in the cartels hands for years, the real battle is for the Mexican military imo, some say cartels control about 50% of the military now.


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