Mexico turning itself into a border wall: Catholic bishops

Maybe Pres. Trump has made Mexico pay for the wall after all…

“Catholic bishops are critical of the deal between Mexico and the United States under which Mexico has agreed to step up enforcement against undocumented migrants.

The Mexican Episcopal Conference (CEM), the highest authority of the Catholic Church in Mexico, said the planned deployment of 6,000 members of the National Guard to the southern border would amount to turning Mexico into a border wall.

“If as Mexicans, we’ve rejected the construction of a border wall, we can’t turn ourselves into that wall,” the statement read.“

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All we need is a case of ebola to arrive in Mexico or the U.S.
In the past week in Arizona 73,000 fentanyl
pills were seized that had made their way up from Mexico.
Our borders need to be protected.



Some many were doubting he could do it.


I hope Mexico is up to the task. They attempted some control once, but couldn’t or wouldn’t, stop the flow - then they let them in to continue to our border. A few thousand were stopped before managing to cross, were held for awhile, then they caved because of the tremendous cost and mess created. Since then, its been mayhem.
Just goes to show you the deceit of the Democrats who could care less about humanity - they love every opportunity to obstruct our President is safeguarding our country and cleaning up the mess of our immigration laws. They will allow harm to fall on everyone.


They have established a national guard now and plan to deploy them to their southern border.

Catholics should listen to their bishops and do everything they can to help the desperate people in Central and South America.


Without coming to the USA as the only option.


At this point, Mexico should just start paying taxes. They’ve become a narco state.

Very Sad.

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Yes, send your money to the Catholic Bishops in Central America.
Help them to better tend their flock.


And drug consumers all over be made aware of the trail of pain and death left behind .
There is consumption of drugs of all types all over. It is terrible.
As is the low age when they start.
They are being used for a big business. There is demand, there is offer. And opening new markets.
May God protect our children .All of them all over.


What options would you suggest for helping the desperate people of Central America? How about massive investment in those Central American counties? Is that what you would suggest? That might not be cost-effective because much of the benefit of such investment might go to those not in need.

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All Americans should do what we can to help the poor in our hemisphere. That doesn’t have to include them coming here illegally.
But nothing we do will overcome governments there that are corrupt and don’t recognize the rights of their people.
Why does Costa Rica have an average per capita income more than twice that of Guatemala and three times that of Nicaragua?
Individual rights and free markets are what’s needed to help these people.


We could make their illegal efforts into legal ones. It was our arbitrary decisions that made them illegal in the first place.

Our inability to solve all the problems should not prevent us from helping some of them.

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Yes. People apply for asylum at airports after flying here. Because they are able to fly here they never “illegally entered”.

We don’t need travel visas to go to Mexico, just a passport. They need a travel visa to come here. The “illegal crossings” are that way because we don’t allow the legal crossings.

what do the Bishops of Central America think is needed
to help their flock?

I’ve yet to see that referenced in any article.


No. Let’s require that people coming here are immigrants, not foreign nationals coming here illegally.

True, and we can’t house all of the world’s poor here. So, let’s help as many as we can where they are. That is true compassion.


People coming here without documentation but seeking asylum are not coming illegally.

Please be the first to do so!

We are the ones who define what is a legal immigrant and what is coming here illegally. It is in our power to change the rules that we set.

But we can house some.

And as many as we can when they come here for help.

There is an additional domestic issue involved here. If in the next election this country moves in the socialist direction the Democrat Party wants us to move in, we will be less able to help them and head down a path to become more like them.
That’s what socialism and necessary authoritarianism to enforce it does.

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