Mexico's security forces routinely use 'sexual torture' against women, says rights group


**Amnesty International on Tuesday reported that Mexico’s police and armed forces “routinely” subject detained women to torture, mistreatment and rape.

The human rights watchdog interviewed 100 women, all of whom reported some form of violence during their arrest or the hours following.

The abuses included blows to the stomach and head, threats of rape directed either at them or their families, near-asphyxiation, electric shocks to the genitals, groping and rape.

Out of the 100 women, 72 of them said they were subjected to sexual torture during their detention. However, all of the women interviewed by Amnesty reported at least harassment or psychological abuse.**

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Anybody else remember how everyone lost their freaking minds when Trump mentioned Mexican rapists illegally crossing the border?


I am 100% in favor of banning Mexican cops from ever entering the US.

Those missing 43 students earned Mexican law enforcement eternal shame, as far as I’m concerned.


I think the term ‘Mexican security force or Mexican police’ is somewhat misleading, they are actually cartel police if Im not mistaken.


The Mexican forces are acting like totalitarian police and Mexico is not a totalitarian state.


And I live in Mexico… I don’t trust the police here, corruption is another big problem, not just this… And I’m a woman too, and having lived in Mexico, all I can say is that many men here are machist (but our culture is also too, so yeah).


So I’ve heard. I have a relative who is a missionary in Mexico. Machismo is a big problem


Men like to have sex with women,and it they have the power to do so, they will.


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