Mexico's Supreme Court upholds abortion ban in most states, women still face jail


Mexico’s Supreme Court upheld a ban makes it a crime for women in most states to seek an abortion.

Under the longstanding measure, women in 18 of 31 states face up to five years in prison if caught doing so.

Abortion in Mexico City, however, has been legal since 2007.


I am glad that the Mexican Supreme Court has more common sense than the US Supreme Court. They realize that abortion is not a human right.


It is a sad commentary on the state of our culture that banning the right of women to pay someone to kill their child is considering newsworthy


I am happy they continued the ban, but not sure how I feel about imprisonment. I don’t have a problem with the person who performs
the abortion being imprisoned.


I didn’t read the entire article, but gleaning from what was quoted, the punishment is “up to five years”. In American media-speak, that generally means the maximum punishment is five years, but the minimum could be less, or even no jail time. With that said, I am unfamiliar with Mexican judicial matters.


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