MH84 Answer to #3


You asked where in Acts Confirmation is found.

Acts 19:5-6 and 8:14-17


Do you think it could also be found in Acts 2? Isn’t Pentecost where the Apostles received their Confirmation?


A reception of the Holy Spirit of course, but not by the laying on of hands in the Sacrament of Confirmation.


This certainly is confirmation. The Apostles recieved the pentecostal Spirit, then went about transmitting the Spirit to the faithful by the laying on of hands through the sacrament of confirmation.:confused:


I don’t think I can agree. There is no “pentecostal spirit”, there is only the Holy Spirit, and Bro Rich is quite right to point out that the laying on of hands is key to the sacrament. Since that did not occur on Pentecost, it is not a sacrament in that sense.

It may also be that they carried out Confirmation that day as well. Even today some rites of the Catholic Church Baptize, First Communion, and Confirm all at baptism. It may well have been the same way at that time.


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