MI AG says Flint water too dangerous



Michigan Attorney General says Flint water too dangerous to bathe newborns. Can you imagine being a resident that complained about the water at least two years ago? Repeatedly? :mad: Complained to more than one person in charge? No response or reaction. Children in the house, getting a drink, baths, brushing teeth, and food rinsed?
Filling a child’s swimming pool in the hot summer? This water scandal is more than politics.
Children have been damaged by the negligence of elected and appointed officials. What attention is this really getting? Yes, the National Guard responded to the call and aided the people with water, food, etc, and they deserve a great big thank you for always being there.

Big ticket federal agencies like FEMA and the EPA, are they supposed to play some role in this crisis? The attorneys will be lining up but how does that tend to work out? Class action suits won’t be paying medical, residential plumbing replacement and of course, the sick and damaged children won’t be aided any time soon.

How many involved people with hands on responsibility will be fired? Not promoted or moved to another department - but dismissed for cause.

Meanwhile, the snow was so terrible in Washington D.C. that they have asked for federal emergency tax dollars. Think they will get it? :rolleyes:


The EPA, the Governor and the Mayor should have been contacted immediately the moment tests came back showing Flint water was contaminated. Citizens tried but no action. At this point, the White House should be involved. I’m not a lawyer but damaging the health of people is criminal - unthinkable, if you - whoever that is - know. Send a few jars of Flint Water to the White House.

Send in the Army Corps of Engineers if you have to. Solve the problem now - lawsuits later.

Michigan resident,



And there was a woman tested for lead the other day. The results came back that the levels of lead in her body were three times more than TOXIC WASTE.

Keep praying…


Everyone needs to pay attention to this disaster and learn how by handing over control to politicians and their never ending ways will destroy everything of importance - its a disease of too big government, apathy, and the citizens that are being dumbed down by the media. Where was the news media when citizens started the alarm? Not a story that needed exposure according to their values? We need to cut this down to manageable size with oversight by the voters. If the mayor, the governor. the state representatives can’t handle the responsibility, the EPA, the DNR, the Surgeon General, all coming up failed - how many petitions for recall are needed? How many budget cuts can be made besides picking the drinking water to get the ax?

How about the news media providing real information to the people and not bury this. Keep the heat on it!


Wow. This is horrible. May justice be served!


The failed Michigan economy is ultimately what is responsible for this. Detroit raises its export rates due to need to raise money. Flint went to another source due to an inability to pay. The EPA and politicians and bureacracies passed the buck as is typical due to there being no solution to the failed economy.

This is what third world conditions look like.


this is so scary.


Every Democrat is trying to scapegoat the state government, to pin the repair costs on the State.

I don’t know how many water districts there are in Michigan, for example, but emergency financial manager or none, I wouldn’t think the state water agencies people could sleep at night, worrying about all the bad water out there. The main responsibility for regulatory compliance seems to fall on the flint water department head. His office is ground zero for what is happening with the water supply, sampling, and treatment. this individual is swept up into the generalization that “all levels” of government are to blame.

Dale Kildee, D-Flint congressman, said today 2/3/16 at the House subcommittee, that the emergency manager was responsible for all actions in the city. This is nonsense. The Dept Heads had to carry on their jobs as they did every day, but surely all they had to work with was what the higher-ups gave them to work with.

Specifically, the Flint Water Department must perform chemical analyses of the water they pump out, and the comparison with the previous Detroit water should have been the earliest indication of changes that were about to take place out in the water distribution system. This is the department that would have been responsible for adding the anti-corrosion chemicals to the water to protect the pipes.

Nobody higher up, up to the governor, would have grasped the technical issues as much as the Flint Water Department manager. If not him, then the water department lab employees should have reported the results to the news media.

with the University of Michigan within the city limits, and 100,000 people in round numbers, it’s unfathomable to me that people weren’t marching in the streets. General Motors was looking at the water and knew it was lousy. Anybody who turned on their water taps and saw that iron-clouded water should have stopped right there. Why would anybody just put that in their oatmeal and eat it? I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

There’s too many intelligent people in Flint who seem to have looked away from the problem, and I don’t get that either. Everything would have changed. Their clothes would be ruined by washing in water with all that iron in it. Was ANYBODY in Flint not alarmed by the water from their taps?

the Flint Fire Dept should have noticed that the “water” was gunking up their equipment. Was everybody in a daze for over a year? Was everybody afraid of the emergency manager? They all knew they were now drinking Flint river water. They should have known something was wrong.

I notice the slightest change in my local water supply.

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