Miami FOP Union Pres. Calls Out Driver Who Pulled Over Cop


The guy will probably get away with it because he acted as a union president and employers are loathe to punish people for what they do on union time.


My MIL did this to a police officer when DH and his brothers were young because the officer was not wearing his seat belt. True story. My DH was horrified.


I just read an article about how FOP PR spokespeople are often the first to get the (officer’s) story out after police shootings &c. The police dept. response is usually “The matter is under investigation” which is proper. The union rep feels no such restraint and goes on TV, "The suspect charged the officer with a gun in his hand – never mind that later testimony or videos show that to be false, what sticks in the public’s mind is what they heard first.

As for this woman’s own driving offenses, I don’t care if she’s a murderer it doesn’t change the fact that the cop was speeding.


Police literally do get away with murder in this country.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes. It’s about time we stop glorifying the cops.


I just can’t get worked up over this. The officer wasn’t on a call right? Then he shouldn’t be speeding.


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