Michael Bloomberg Says He Won't Run for President in 2016


Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former three-term mayor of New York, said he’s decided against entering the 2016 presidential race, removing one of the remaining uncertainties in what already has been an unusual and unpredictable election year.
Bloomberg, 74, who had said the 2016 presidential campaign has been marred by appeals to extremism and was an insult to voters, was expected to spend a sizable amount of his own fortune if he entered the race.
“Over the last several months, many Americans have urged me to run for president as an independent, and some who don’t like the current candidates have said it is my patriotic duty to do so. I appreciate their appeals, and I have given the question serious consideration. The deadline to answer it is now, because of ballot access requirements,” Bloomberg wrote in an editorial on Bloomberg View.



Probably a good idea on his part. I don’t think he is electable. I’m sure both democrats and republicans will breathe a sigh of relief.




Since Hillary is winning, he is removing himself from stirring up the mix.

However, if Trump is the GOP nominee and Hillary is indicted, I bet Bloomberg or a big name from the GOP will run third party.


Both of them? I was under the impression he would draw more votes from Democrats.


It would have been nice if he would have been honest and admitted that he would get crushed running against any of the 6 remaining candidates. He isn’t even popular in NYC.


Bloomberg isn’t a real Republican. He switched parties shortly before running for mayor of NYC.


I wonder whatever gave Bloomberg the idea he could be elected in the first place. If he had run, he might not even have carried New York. And much of the rest of the country might not know who he is, or care.


I’m not running either.


You see, you have something in common with Bloomberg. Maybe next election cycle?


Deciding between using the snooze smiley, the rolleyes smiley or inventing the who cares smiley


I am glad to hear this!


Bloomberg’s not running? America’s gain is no one’s loss.

Gonna drink a 44 oz Double Big Gulp in tribute.


Depends on whether Trump picks me as his VP or not.


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