Michael Bloomberg tests waters for possible presidential run


Michael Bloomberg tests waters for possible presidential run

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg commissioned a poll to test how he would perform in the 2016 presidential election against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The poll was commissioned by the media CEO last month, The New York Times reported Sunday in an article about a possible split in the Republican Party. It is not the first time the billionaire media executive and erstwhile politician has flirted with a possible run for the presidency, the Times noted.


Either for health or legal issues, the party is getting anxious that Hillary won’t reach the finish line.


That is actually interesting. Money vs money. I bet the left would embrace him and Satan’s, er, his agenda.


I wonder how a rather liberal, Jewish mayor of New York City who makes Trump look like a pauper would play in other parts of the country, and even in the city, where he had mixed reviews. My guess is not too well.


so is Bloomberg a republican now or a democrat? just wondering what his motives are.


Biden Kneecaps Hillary as the Dem Establishment Gets Nervous

Vice President Joe Biden just took Hillary Clinton out at the knees.

“Bernie [Sanders] is speaking to a yearning that is deep and real,” Biden told CNN’s Gloria Borger. “And that is the absolute enormous concentration of wealth in a small group of people, with the middle class, now being shown, being left out.”

When Borger pointed out that, “Hillary’s been talking about that as well,” Biden was undeterred.

“It’s relatively new for Hillary to talk about that,” he said. “Hillary’s focus has been on other things up to now, and that’s been Bernie’s — nobody questions Bernie’s authenticity on those issues. . . . I think they question everybody’s who hasn’t been talking about it all along, but I think she’s come forward with some really thoughtful approaches to deal with the issue.”

You don’t say this sort of thing if you’re enthusiastic about Clinton being the Democratic nominee in 2016. Either the vice president wants to ensure that Sanders gets a fair shot at the nomination, or he’s itching to reverse his own decision not to run in 2016. (He has recently hinted at the latter possibility.)
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Read more at: nationalreview.com/article/429653/joe-biden-blasts-hillary-clinton-praises-bernie-sanders


Bloomberg is probably a Democrat now, but he switches back and forth according to the political necessities. Who knows what his motives may be for running.


I heard yesterday gun control is a major issue for him and also that if Hillary wins the Democratic nomination, there would not be much reason for him to run. That the only scenario that might make sense in his mind to run would be for instance a Trump-Sanders matchup or a matchup between the more extreme wings of each party. But because Hillary is considered to be more of a moderate or centrist or center-left than far left or far right, there wouldn’t be a reason for him to jump in if she wins her party’s nomination.


Definitely more of a Democrat. And if he runs, New York could be in play for the GOP.


A Trump-Sanders deal won’t happen. Both are too ideologically different.

Democratic strategies aligned with realistic scenarios have known this for a while.


He is no big deal here on the Left Coast; this is Hillary country. :shrug:


He definitely has the money to run should he decide to. I think that his chances of mounting a successful campaign are less and less as time goes on.


I think any Dem is foolish to beat them up over this election cycle, it’s close to a ‘can’t win’ election with the pendulum swinging away towards GOP…

For Hillary and Joe, it was their last chance before fading into retirement. Smart up and comers like Elizabeth Warren will wait another cycle, when they are running against GOP policy instead of defending Obama. The Dems have lost so many seats in State Politics they need a rebirth cycle.


I’d be very careful about claiming that the Democrat candidate can’t win this year.


There is strong statistical analysis on the required conditions for a party to win a third term, and it doesn’t support a Dem victory.


I meant if they were the 2 nominees of the 2 major parties, the commentator had said that might be a case in which Bloomberg would run. I know Bernie Sanders is not running on a ticket with Donald Trump.


I would agree. Nothing is certain for either party. The country is divided. And Americans do tend to swing back and forth. But Presidential yr turnouts have not been the same as in midterms when Republicans have made some of their gains at the state level. Presidential yr electorates vs midterm electorates have been 2 different electorates. That’s how Republicans made gains in 2010 but Obama won in 08 and again in 12.


when he was mayor of NYC he was a republican wasn’t he? now he might run for president as a democrat?


Why is the mindset of people so focus on Democratic or Republican? Don’t you know that the purpose of the news media is to create conflict to increase readership. They take sound bites out of context from the far right fringe and from the far left to create a war between both parties. This is why allegiance is down among Dems and Repubs. The news media created this war to generate revenue from advertisments and click bait headlines. They complain about Trump but then all they talk about is Trump. There is a large group of Independent voters that hardly ever get mention.

I wouldn’t be surprise that Trump or Bloomberg run as Independents in the final run-up


An ambitious goal for the former soda pop monitor.

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