Michael Cohen implicates Trump in hush money scheme


Cohen has put a target on Trump’s back.

GOP is between a rock and a very hard place.


The prospect of life in prison can remarkably alter the memory.


The plain facts of the matter are pretty damning though. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think that hush money was paid to the adult actress. What is your take on it?


Of course, there is no possible way that Trump could have done anything wrong. It must be Cohen lying, there just is no other possible explanation.


But that’s not really the question is it? The question is whether it would have been illegal if he had.


I quoted the actual campaign finance law elsewhere. Cohen’s paying off Trump’s mistresses is a violation of that law, both in the breach of contribution limits and in the non-reporting. And the definition of a contribution is very broad.


And this is Trump’s best push back:

And how long did you have Michael Cohen on retainer mr trump?


He was the one who hired him in the first place. I thought he was supposed to have wisdom in these sorts of things?


Well that’s some advice I’d take from President Trump. Cohen is indeed a terrible lawyer.


Apparently, some believe that Federal courts accept guilty pleas on charges that are not crimes.

Cohen pleaded guilty to two counts of campaign finance law violation.


Maybe we need to get rid of the entire federal court system, since all they do is entrap innocent people.


All the best people!

The best!!




It’s also pretty vague, and the “dual purpose” exception probably vitiates Cohen’s treachery even if what he said is true. And there’s no particular reason to believe Cohen.


I don’t see how the exceptions are all that broad. They deal with pretty mundane things like use of personal property like houses and use of volunteers.


… concentrate the mind wonderfully, as Johnson would have it.


100 percent. Nothing less.


Nah, that isn’t “all they do,” but there are methods, opportunities, motivations and means for doing it some of the time where political opponents are involved.


He seemed to be incredibly loyal to his employer though. He said he would take a bullet for him. (Of course I imagine that’s a billable service, but still.)


Mark Levin: Blah, blah-blah, blah-blah…

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