Michael Cohen, Trump’s Former Fixer, Reaches Plea Deal Over Payments to Women


Fox News reporting he’ll spend 3-5 years in prison.


If you lie down with dogs.


“Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”


Bad day for Cohen, Senators Burr and Warner announced he likely committed perjury in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee and they want him back to testify again.


And wait for the Presidential pardon in 3, 2, 1


Michael Cohen pled guilty to committing campaign finance violations at the direction of Trump. Trump has now officially been implicated in a crime.


Cohen said that he acted “at the direction of the candidate” and “for the principal purpose of influencing the election” for president in 2016. That kinda sounds like conspiracy.


Now let’s see. What time is Hannity on, because it will take until then for conservatives to figure out how to respond to this?


Tonight he will probably feature an hour filled with Hillary conspiracies.


I have this SNL sketch already where Trump is busily tweeting “It’s a total witch hunt! Worse than McCarthy” while Pence and his wife are measuring up the oval office and picking out fabric samples.


With pardons, I think. That won’t save anyone charged with any New York State crimes. I don’t see how Trump has much choice. Congress has made clear Mueller will be ringfenced if need be, so the only thing the President can do is start waving the magic pardon wand. Whether that precipitates any kind of crisis depends on whether the Republicans think they can keep a lid on all of this through November.


Trump will probably be found guilty of campaign finance laws and will be fined 200% of whatever Cohen paid in said violation.


Trump belongs to the Church of What’s-in-it-for-Me, and I don’t see what pardoning Michael Cohen will do for Trump at this point.


This is why Trump might pardon Cohen: Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal may not be the only ones.

Before anyone jumps down my throat, I have no evidence that there are other women. But if the question is, why would Trump pardon Cohen, that’s one reason why he might.

Also, if Trump ever got into the taxi medallion business with Cohen, that won’t look good (and might explain the unreleased tax returns). That’s a sleazy business, run by sleazy people. No way to get into bed with them without looking dirty.


Yes. I don’t expect to see “conservative” responses to this on CAF until tomorrow morning. Gotta allow time for the talking points to be circulated.



“The maximum penalty for contributions and expenditures made in violation of these statutes, but which are not knowing and willful violations, was previously the greater of $5,500 or the amount of the contribution or expenditure involved. The FEC has increased this penalty to the greater of $6,500 or the amount of the contribution or expenditure involved. The penalty for knowing and willful violations is the greater of $11,000 or 200% of the amount of the contribution or expenditure involved. Due to rounding rules, the FEC has not increased the penalty for knowing and willful violations.”


I believe he knew perfectly well what was going on. I just gave you the official punishment for it. Cohen was given jail time for tax evasion.


If this was an indictment, Trump would be an unindicted co conspirator.


Well, it’s been 3 hours and still not a post from a conservative. I guess Trump’s criminal behavior doesn’t register as important.


No, it’s important, of course. But they have to listen to Hannity explain it away first. Then see what Breitbart has to say. Figure out how the Deep State figures into all this. Find some evidence that Rosenstein or someone, maybe Judge Ellis, voted for a left-winger in a high school student government election.

That stuff takes time, you know.

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