Michael Coren - Abortion: Canada's National Shame

Queen’s Alive, the pro-life club at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, presents noted broadcaster, author, and columnist (and Catholic convert) Michael Coren speaking on the subject of abortion. Mr. Coren makes a reasoned but impassioned defense of the rights of the unborn against the outrage of abortion-on-demand.


There are nine parts to the video in total.

To learn more about Queen’s Alive, visit queensalive.blogspot.com/

To learn more about Michael Coren, visit his website at michaelcoren.com/

are there any truly pro-life partys in Canada?:shrug:

There are small pro-life parties both federally and provincially, but they’ve never won a seat. Voting is first-past-the-post instead of proportional, so we’re stuck with the mainstream parties. The Conservative party won’t officially do anything about abortion, although there are pro-life members.

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