Michael Coren..what are peoples views on his shows?

i like the man ,he talks a good and gets to the point of discussion.

what do people on here think of him?

I like reading his columns and his books.

have seen him on you tube and find him very entertaining

I trust, Jesuit Father Schall’s, Catholic Faith and intellectual prowess.
Pax Christi

A Review of Michael Coren’s*** Why Catholics Are Right ***|
Fr. James V. Schall, S.J. | August 24, 2011

Why Catholics Are Right
by Michael Coren
Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2011
217 pp.
ISBN 987-0-7710-2321-7

Michael Coren is a Canadian broadcaster and writer. His books, in fact, include a biography of Chesterton. Some of Chesterton’s playful astonishment about the weakness of arguments against Christianity comes through in Coren’s book. Coren is not afraid to call popular or classic arguments against Catholicism to be silly, or insane, or weak, or incoherent when that is what they are.

Coren is quite lucid on politicians who are Catholic but prefer not to defend Catholic or reasonable causes when they are in the public forum. The book is concise. It covers Scripture, Vatican II, Protestantism, almost every conceivable issue that we see in the public forum. Coren is effective in showing that what is really at stake is not that Catholicism is wrong but that it is right on the very issues in which it is said to err

We need books like this. At one point, Coren muses about whether it is unkind to tell others what in fact is the truth of what Catholics believe, to point out to them their errors and prejudices. As he says, **this endeavor is neither unkind nor unreasonable. If we can never defend or explain ourselves, we are simply inhuman. If we cannot talk in public about the truth of what we hold, we are already in a totalitarian system. **

This book is quite refreshing. Catholics are frankly sick and tired of being accused of every sort of disorder and having their own arguments brushed off as if they had no reason in them. If the book proves anything, it is that too many in our culture do not want to know the truth of Catholicism because they in fact suspect that it does have the better of the arguments about what the truth of man and God is. The Coren book is quite worth reading in this light.


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