Michael Coren's new book, Heresy

I’ve just bought this book today (based on a review that I read in the BC Catholic) and am still reading the introduction. Has anyone else read this? Care to share thoughts/engage in discussion, etc.?

I want to read those books written by Michael Coren. :slight_smile:

I read, “Why Catholics are Right” and thought it was good.

I’ve read the book and I enjoyed it. The section on Christianity and the Third Reich was particularly illuminating. None of the content was particularly groundbreaking but I’ve found some of the quotes handy.

What is interesting (although not terribly surprising) is some of the comments surrounding the reviews. Opinions seemed particularly polarized; they either rate the book extremely well or extremely poorly. While I’m tempted to chalk the latter up to ideological differences, it has given me cause to second guess.

For example, while Kepler may have been formulating the theory of heliocentrism his writing on the subject were placed on the index of forbidden books. I think this fact greatly weakens Coren’s argument, and the standard apologists argument towards the Galileo affair. I’m not sure how I will approach this now…

Hi grasscutter (fellow Canadian!!) -

I haven’t read this book (didn’t know about it), but let me know what you thought of it once you have read it.

I have the book “Why Catholics are Right” and have started reading it.



Sorry about the above.
The book was a disappointment for me.
Most of the references were to UK
Couldn’t relate

i have read both books. I think both are great but a lot of Heresy is just a cut and paste job from “Why Catholics are right” so i was a bit annoyed by that

Just finished it! I agree with some of the posters that it wasn’t new information that couldn’t already be found elsewhere. And, at some points, I felt a bit patronized. However, overall it was engaging and worth borrowing from the library.

(I think it may have been written directly for the atheist or the person who has been exposed to anti-christianity and has never sought the other point of view.)

I’ve actually gotten to see Michael Coren talk live for a series of a couple weeks and met with him once (though I doubt he remembers after all the people he meets). I bought Why Catholics are Right the first time and wanted to buy Heresy in one of his later talks but didn’t get the chance to. I have a couple friends who’ve read it and say it’s really good. Is it?

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