Michael Flynn Indicted / Pleads Guilty

Trump’s “Witch Hunt” count is up to 4 Witches found.
2 now have pleaded guilty of being a witch.


Scooter Libby and “blue dress” all over again.


You can try to minimize this all you want, but with Flynn, Mueller is now across the threshold of the White House. I would expect Kushner and/or Trump Jr. to be next.

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Flynn: I accept full responsibility and will cooperate with Mueller’

Dragnet is advancing.

White House lawyer: ‘This doesn’t implicate anyone other than Flyn’

Just give it time.

Stock Market just responded wildly to Report Michael Flynn will testify against Trump

Stay tuned.

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It’s still incredibly funny that Obama advised Trump not to appoint Flynn as National Security Advisor but Trump refused to listen.

Looking forward to more dominoes falling.


Might be. Indictment or impeachment of Trump was the objective from the very first, and all others are simply collateral casualties to special prosecutors.

One difference, of course, is that Trump and his family probably have the money to hire the army of lawyers it will take to fight the army of Mueller lawyers that are being paid by our taxes.

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I don’t think I ever read what, exactly, Obama said to Trump about that, but Obama himself hired him and put him in a sensitive position, so quite possibly there was more to know and either Obama didn’t tell Trump or Obama didn’t know all of it himself.

But if this is one of these “lied to the FBI-only” indictments, that means Flynn actually did nothing wrong.


Donald Trump said if a vote for Clinton would get a president mired in scandal and legal trouble. Turns out he was right. I voted for Clinton and got a president mired in scandal and legal trouble.


We know he did much much more, and that’s just from what’s publicly known. Mueller has more details about everything. Flynn is obviously cooperating with the investigation against more Trump administration people and getting a slap on the wrist guilty plea in return.

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This is speculative, though. Mueller might have charged Flynn with the only thing he could actually make stick. We don’t know, and will probably never know.

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Never talk to the FBI. They can and do lie to you but if you lie to them it is a felony. The FBI prohibits agents from recording conversations. Instead they type up notes of conversations which can be inaccurate or invented.

So the FBI is using information from an admitted liar as the basis of their investigation. Unfortunately that sounds just right. That is our ‘justice’ system.


Then why did Flynn plead guilty to lying to the FBI instead of fighting it in court?

That’s how the justice system works. I doubt that anyone could be convicted on Flynn’s testimony by itself because he is a liar, so the investigation will look to corroborate Flynn’s testimony with other evidence.

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Ty Cobb noted in his statement (see on The Hill), how Michael Flynn has made “false statements” to “White House officials” and to the “FBI”.

Clearly, what Michael Flynn says should be heavily scrutinised and analysed to be believed.

He has made an agreement to cooperate with the ongoing investigation of the Special Counsel.

“My guilty plea and agreement to cooperate with the Special Counsel’s Office reflect a decision I made in the best interests of my family and of our country. I accept full responsibility for my actions.”

Of course. He wouldn’t have a plea deal if he hadn’t.

He wouldn’t have gotten a deal if he had nothing to say.

An admitted Liar appointed by another Liar Donald Trump.

Only he can answer. It could be that he thought it unlikely he’d win. The Feds have a ninety percent conviction rate and that isn’t because they have great cases. Also, lying (providing materially false statements) to the FBI is easy to do and thus why you shouldn’t talk to them. Martha Stewart was not convicted of any real crime. She went to prison for giving false statements to the FBI.

The Feds love a plea deal. He doesn’t necessarily have to have useful information to get a deal.

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Well it is politics. Good people don’t rise to the top in politics.

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